Golden Door Welcomes Fitness Trainer Keli Roberts

August 12, 2014 by Golden Door

We are so excited to welcome Keli Roberts, a world renowned fitness educator, trainer and the award recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Instructor of the Year, to Golden Door at the end of this month (August 31  – September 7). Celebrity trainer, fitness instructor, author and more! Keli Roberts has done it all. A native of Australia, Keli has been recognized as a fitness authority that’s transformed fitness education with groundbreaking innovations characterized by her expert skill and instruction. Keli has been featured in Shape, Elle, Health, Fitness, Self, Ms Fitness, American Fitness, Allure and many international publications as well. Additionally, Keli is a featured instructor on the award winning TV series, CRUNCH Fitness, on ESPN. Keli will be on the front lines with our guests teaching our indoor cycling series, Kickbox Boot Camp, Centered Strength—a  stability ball workout to improve postural alignment and muscle tone—and Glute Camp—a “below …


How to Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

August 14, 2014 by Nick Poggi

In recent years, the personal training profession has skyrocketed. You can walk in to just about any gym and find it packed with personal trainers ecstatically awaiting for your business. At the same time, we have all heard horror stories about friends or family hiring trainers that pushed too hard, talked too much, or caused injury.  So how do you find that perfect trainer who is going to be safe, effective, and help you to ultimately reach your goals?? The Golden Door fitness team has come up with three tips to help you out. 1) Communication: talking vs. listening The reason we hire a personal trainer is to guide us towards our fitness goals. Ultimately, they are YOUR goals. Make sure the fitness professional you hire does not create a set of his/her own goals for you.  If you are paying someone to help you improve your running ability, make sure …


Monday Mindfulness Tips

August 18, 2014 by Carol Tibbetts

Get Mindfulness! Here’s how you can achieve mindfulness with three daily activites:  Create a daily wake-up ritual.  Each morning before you rise, set a mindful intention.  Choose 3 activities that you will attempt to do mindfully.  Choose one meal, one rote activity, and one other.  Examples: 1. Just eat:  No reading, emailing, texting or TV.  When we eat mindfully we will be satisfied with less, and with time, crave healthier foods. 2. Just shower:  Feel & appreciate how the hot water soothes your body. Avoid thoughts of what you have to do after your shower & stay present to the sensations we often take for granted. 3. Just exercise:  Stay tuned into your muscles, how you place your feet, your breath, your heartbeat & how you move through space.  Get out of your head (away from unrelated thoughts) & into your body.  You’ll benefit more with focused exercise & be less apt to get …


Golden Door Partners with Pauma Valley County Club!

August 22, 2014 by Golden Door

We are thrilled to announce Golden Door has signed an exclusive partnership with Pauma Valley Country Club for the use of the Robert Trent Jones golf course. The golf course at PVCC is a traditional Robert Trent Jones Sr. design.  Our guests can enjoy a spectacular game of golf  surrounded by mountains and avocado and citrus groves during their week. The course has been ranked in the top 100 best courses in the U.S. and top 10 in California by Golf Digest.   About Robert Trent Jones: Robert Trent Jones, Sr. did not invent golf course architecture, it only seems that way. In a career that spanned nearly 70 years, Jones built or rebuilt some 400 courses in 45 states in the U. S. and 35 countries worldwide, with more than three dozen of them having played host to national or international championships. Jones made an art form of heroic architecture, …


Beat Fatigue with these Four At-Home Body Weight Exercises

August 25, 2014 by Nick Poggi

For many of us in today’s world every morning starts the same way. We wake up with high hopes of exercise, yet as the day progresses and fatigue sets in we fall short of our good intentions and fall prey to the comforts of relaxing at home on the couch.  It’s important to know this does happen to everyone, so next time you find yourself skipping your workout and heading for home try these four fast blasting body weight exercises to get the benefits of the gym in a more convenient setting. –  Body weight squat –  Push ups –  Crunches –  Tricep Dips Perform each exercise 2 times for 15 repetitions each and within 10 minutes you will have your workout done and you’ll be ready to relax.


Beauty Week with Dr. Ava Shamban October 12-19, 2014

August 28, 2014 by Golden Door

As a part of the Golden Door’s ongoing effort to introduce our guests to the most innovative ideas in health, fitness, skin care and nutrition, we are proud to welcome dermatologist and “skin visionary” Dr. Ava Shamban the week of October 12-19, 2014. Dr. Shamban is a member of the Golden Door’s unique PATH (Professional Advisory Team on Health) program. PATH is an exclusive group of experts representing all aspects of personal health. During her visit, Dr Shamban will present talks on the theme of “Beauty Within, Beauty Without”—informing  and educating our guests on the best ways to care for their skin and delay the effects of aging, the latest in anti-aging treatments, and how to find and utilize their “Signature Feature”. Ava Shamban M.D. is a renowned board-certified dermatologist licensed to practice medicine in California, New York and Hawaii. In addition to serving as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology …


August Mindful Musing: Acceptance

August 29, 2014 by Carol Tibbetts

Sometimes we find ourselves so fixated on perfection or future results we don’t enjoy what we’re doing in the present.  To build patience and help you stay open to learning, accept where you are now.  Appreciate small successes and the subtle changes or ease with which you perform an activity that will add up and make a difference in the end.  Keep your goal in mind, but avoid fixating on it.  Be content, but not complacent. (Excerpt and photos from August chapter of  “Twelve Mindful Months” by Carol Tibbetts) For more on mindfulness, read  “Twelve Mindful Months:  Cultivating a Balanced & Fit Body, Mind & Spirit” by Carol Tibbetts.  (Available at Golden Door Boutique or shop on-line)  Stay on the mindful path with me by following my posts. Share comments & questions here or email me at ctibbetts@goldendoor.com