Sensing Your Yoga

October 27, 2015 by Francine Hoffman

Yoga offers rich opportunities to focus on the “now” by using your senses as potent guides to the present moment.  Your kinesthetic sense tells you where you are in relationship to the earth; your haptic sense reads impressions of touch, both powerful guides to mind-full moments.  Additionally, your sense of sight and sense of hearing can be used to create a strong focus instead of causing distractions.  Here are some ways to refresh your yoga practice and thus, your mind, with sensory mindfulness.   To hone your kinesthetic and haptic senses: – Practice your poses facing away from the mirror to sense your position without the help or critique of your eyes. – Locate your head, hands and feet in every pose to give you a sense of grounding, whether you are upside down, twisting or bending. – In sitting poses, notice how your sit bones touch the floor, i.e., …


New Year – New Yoga

January 11, 2016 by Francine Hoffman

It’s that time of year to take a fresh look at your lifestyle practices.  Commend yourself if you have a yoga practice, no matter how small, for the rewards are great for those who do.  For regular practitioners, if you feel stagnant in your yoga practice or if your practice has become routine, here are five ways to spice it up for the New Year. 1. If you follow a prescribed order of postures, mix it up by changing the order of the poses you do or add a new pose into your sequence that you may have been avoiding. 2. Do you always practice with the same pace, either quickly or slowly? Change your pace!   To slow down, practice each pose as a separate experience while exploring the nuances of alignment precision.  To bring a dynamic quality to your practice try linking a few poses together, transitioning gracefully from …