Garden Planning at the Golden Door

January 7, 2015 by Jeff Dawson

Here at the Golden Door vegetable garden we have been browsing through the new 2015 seed catalogs. The beginning of the year is garden planning time and selecting what we want to grow for Spring and Summer is an exciting process. We will stock up on the old standby vegetable varieties that we know do well in our climate and soils. The fun part is looking for vegetables that are new introductions or ones we’ve never grown before. So far we found a few new varieties that we will try this year. John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds has a new tomato, Sungreen, a green cherry tomato.  The only other green cherry tomato I know of is Green Grape, and it is not always very productive. Hopefully this new one will be a performer. Gurneys Seed has a new arugula called Dragon Tongue. It is a wild type with a smaller …