Keeping Fit: 12 ways to stay more active without even trying!

November 5, 2014 by Melinda Nelson

Finding time to work out can be challenging. Busy schedules don’t seem to leave much time for workouts, but with a little creativity you can make exercise part of your daily life no matter how daunting your to-do list is. Use these simple tricks to sneak some intensity into your routine: 1. Jump Squats while microwaving or heating leftovers to help build bone density. 2. Try counter push-ups (bathroom or kitchen) while your hair straightner is warming up.  For more advance ones make them explosive on the way up. 3. Keep those abs awake and active by holding them in while you commute into work. 4. The quickest way to look younger is having good posture habits.  Place a colorful post it note on your computer monitor stating “Sit up straight” to motivate and remind you of good tall posture. 5. Make a resolution now to park your car far away from your office to add a few more steps into your …


Feel Great in 2015 with these 5 Fitness Goals

December 5, 2014 by Melinda Nelson

Want 2015 to be the year for a slimmer sexier waistline?  Fitness Expert Personal Trainer Melinda Nelson shares with you the 5 goals you need to set now to feel great in 2015! Goal #1 Start your New Year’s resolutions early this year!  Before you set foot into those holiday parties have an action plan in mind.  Melinda has worked with thousands of women over the past 12 years to make a plan of action to reach that flatter stomach now! Tip#1 Have a snack like a small handful of almonds and an apple before heading into those calorie indulging parties.  Never show up hungry or almost hungry, that is when we really make bad food choices.  Allow yourself a very small portion of something you really like, and then pop an altiod in your mouth to change your taste buds. Goal #2 90 percent of your results for a flatter …