Throwing open our Golden Door

May 20, 2014 by Golden Door

With the launch of our new website, our old friends will understand just how busy we’ve been since our new owner, Joanne Conway, purchased the property in May 2013.  Joanne was a loyal guest of Golden Door and understood its most valuable principles…from the inside out!  She’s added 300 acres to our property that will serve as outdoor fitness locations, as home to gardens and groves and as an investment in the natural life of our region. Our new General Manager, Kathy Van Ness, has encouraged us to look anew at all our communications tools, to find the most modern ways to tell our Golden Door story to women and men for whom this unique, life-changing experience may be right.  So, we are broadening our social media presence.  We’re using video to tell our story.  And we are investing the expertise and care of our renowned, ground-breaking spa into products. …


Top 10 songs to Enthuse, Energize, and Ignite your Holiday Fitness Focus

December 10, 2014 by Nick Poggi

Despite the common misconception, even fitness trainers struggle to get ourselves to the gym on occasion. With a million events going on like travel, party preparations and family events, the holidays can be a formidable opponent to even the most solid workout routine. Luckily, The Golden Door Trainers have learned some useful tricks to help our bodies and minds to mentally get over that hump. Music has been scientifically proven to add energy and illicit emotion in our lives. This is one incredibly useful tool that you can implement to stay on track during busy times of the year. Making a new playlist is not only exciting it can actually help you stay healthy and dedicated to your positive lifestyle! – Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars – Megan Trainer: All About the Bass – Magic: Rude – Jarrod Niemann and Pitbull – Charli XCX: Boom Clap – Nico …