Golden Door Cooking School

Golden Door Cooking School Offers Two Sessions in 2016

Prepare Organic Farm-to-Table Cuisine—and Garnish With Spa Amenities

Golden Door Cooking School offers an immersive seven-day, hands-on culinary experience for guests during the week of July 31–August 7 or August 28–September 4. Full-flavored, organic farm-to-table cuisine using just-picked and locally sourced ingredients is the focus each week—with a bonus of the luxurious amenities customary at the resort, voted World’s #1 Destination Spa in 2015 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Guests gather each day for an intensive 3-hour session, working side-by-side with Executive Chef Greg Frey, Jr. and the Golden Door culinary team. Sessions include: Kitchen and Cooking Basics, Knife Skills, Stocks and Sauces, and Vegetable Sourcing and Preparation. For the final session, guests prepare an entire sumptuous, farm-to-table feast from scratch.

Watch the Golden Door Cooking School Video HERE

During the week guests also participate in educational workshops on bio-intensive gardening and nutrition and attend special sessions with culinary experts, renowned chefs and fishmongers. Tours of the Golden Door property take guests to see and learn about the organic vegetable garden, citrus and olive groves, and bee farm. A field trip provides the opportunity for an up-close look at a local organic farm and a conversation about specialty-food growing.

Each afternoon, guests receive pampering Golden Door massages and body and facial treatments, and participate in activities such as yoga, archery, hiking, cardio boxing and fencing.

Guests at all levels of cooking experience are welcome. Each guest receives a Golden Door chef’s jacket, apron, recipe book and kitchen tool kit. The cost for one week of Golden Door Cooking School is $10,850. The week of July 31–August 7 is reserved for women; the week of August 28–September 4 is a coed week.

To reserve your seven-day Golden Door Cooking School experience, please call Golden Door Reservations, (866) 420-6414.