To the entire Golden Door Family: thank you, thank you! This is my first visit to this magical oasis. My heart, brain and feet have been on the path to find my ‘golden’ door for a long, long time. I’m just sorry it took this long, but I am sure there was a purpose. Being with my sister was such a joy. I will be back! 

Tamara Sarantschia, Napa, CA

My stay has been just perfect.  I cannot express myself poetically, but I shall carry in my inner self a fabulous memory of the people and my experiences here. I hope I shall return. Inshalla.

Laetitia Oppenheim, London, England

The Golden Door is an aurora—brilliant reds, soothing blues, luminous greens. It is always beautiful, mesmerizing, energizing. The colors dance for a lifetime.

M.S., Sutton, Alaska

The beautiful setting and the care and warmth of the staff

make this place so very, very special.

CK, Queen Charlotte, BC, Canada

There is a huge variety of classes to choose from for all levels and they make each one fun and challenging. All the trainers are amazing—knowledgeable, encouraging and caring.

M.N., McLean, Virginia

I have been to other spas before, but there is none that compare to Golden Door in the US or in Europe.  It is a total mind body experience in a beautiful setting.  First rate exercise, organic, delicious food, and dedicated, caring and enthusiastic staff. It’s wonderful!

Bim Kendall, Greenbrier, CT

It pleases me when I realize that the kale I am looking at on this warm summer morning is going to be on my plate tonight.

Carolyn Chandler, San Francisco, California

I learned so many things in addition to my physical fitness training.  I also learned so many new American words…like ‘buttocks!” –names for parts of the body I never learned in school in Japan.

Hisako Chako Hatakeyama, Tokyo, Japan

Golden Door is a must for those seeking refuge from daily madness.  You are taken care of by some of the best trainers, massage therapists and staff the world has to offer.  Let your spirit glide!

Mari Winsor, Slimming Pilates, Los Angeles

I love Golden Door.  It is my third stay and each time I feel like I am coming home.  Everything is special here.  The Tai Chi, meditation and labyrinth walks have changed my life by giving me an inner peace I never imagined.  It is a truly special place. 

Janet Hilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Golden Door reminds us all that we are worthy, that we all experience love, laughter, pain, and that we are all connected. I am so deeply, profoundly grateful for its existence.

Marta Kauffman, Los Angeles, California

I had an exceptional time.  Not only am I pain-free from a

long-term injury, I now have the knowledge and skills

to better myself in a more efficient manner.  No matter your level

of fitness, you will learn and improve beyond expectations at Golden Door.

JS, Tokyo, Japan

The myriad experiences offered allowed me to see how bored I was with my own chatter.  I felt a quietness and groundedness that was startling.  Golden Door broke through my shell so delicately.

Victor Syrmis, New York, NY

Having the closeness of female companionship reminded me how important it is for women to connect with other women. Golden Door reminded me that I am more than a mom, a wife, or an employee and I feel empowered to hold on to that.

Tiffany Alexander, Lake Forest, Illinois