Month: September 2014

How to Beat Workout Plateaus

Plateau is a term commonly thrown around the fitness world.  If you are someone who exercises the same way often, chances are you have experienced this frustrating occurrence. It happens when your body adjusts to the stressors placed upon it and as a result there is no further reason for it to change or adapt…. Read more »

Pink Lady Apple Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

Golden Door’s Pink Lady Apple Sweet and Sour Sauce is a versatile condiment we use often in our kitchen for game and fall/winter vegan dishes.  Shown served with Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops.   Serves 6-8 >1 Pink Lady Apple diced > 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice > 1/4 cup wildflower honey > Zest of 1 lemon… Read more »

September Food Safety Awareness Month

September is Food Safety Awareness Month! Take the Kitchen Quiz and see how you score on Food Safety! By Susan M. Piergeorge, MS, RDN   1. True or false It’s important to wash all food s including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry prior to eating or preparing to cook.   2. You’ve experienced a power… Read more »

Three Ways to Make Exercise a Fun Part of Life

Let’s face it, unless you are a personal trainer who relishes at any chance to exercise you probably don’t enjoy working out.  It’s hard, time consuming and not everyone looks forward to the feeling of sore muscles. The reality of the situation is we all must exercise, our bodies need it and without doing it… Read more »