Month: October 2014

3 Workout Pains NOT to Ignore

Suffering from exercise induced aches and pains is almost an unavoidable reality to most everyone who has ever worked out. Pain is one way our body communicates with our brain, and with so many moving parts we are bound to feel something unpleasant sooner or later. Growing up around a boxing gym I was conditioned… Read more »

Chocolate Avocado Ganache Recipe

In honor of National Chocolate Day, we are sharing this delectable Chocolate Avocado Ganache Recipe! Enjoy this easy to make dessert with healthy ingredients. Dark chocolate in particular has health benefits for our brain, skin and blood vessels. And the avocado possesses healthy vitamin E along with mono and polyunsaturated fats. It can be served… Read more »

Golden Door Masoor Dal Recipe

An Indian dish named after the split pink lentils used in the dish, Masoor Dal is a favorite for our vegetarian guests and omnivores are pleasantly satisfied by this hearty meal. We use jarrahdale pumpkins for this recipe, a beautiful blue-grey pumpkin used often for decorating but it’s also the incredibly tasty. Bright orange flesh… Read more »

October: How Nature Helps Us Age Well

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” Thoreau’s words echo throughout the gardens and trails here at Golden Door.  As a hike leader for the past 16 years, I continually hear guests say the 6AM hike is their favorite activity.  It’s especially dramatic this time of year, when we begin our… Read more »