Month: November 2014

The Nutrition Benefits of the Thanksgiving Meal

The holiday season is upon us. With all the information of how to curb the weight gain over the holidays, let’s take a look at some of the nutrition benefits of the actual meal. Start off with a little of each and then sit back and wait a while before you have seconds (or thirds!)…. Read more »

Lemon Crab Cake Recipe

Are you dreaming of the perfect crab cake? We’ve got you covered! This week’s Lemon Crab Cake recipe from Executive Chef Greg Frey Jr. is a staple on the Golden Door menu. It’s as simple to prepare as a classic crab cake, but with less mayonnaise and lots of fresh flavor. Golden Door Lemon Crab Cake Ingredients: 1pound picked… Read more »

Introducing the New Golden Door Skin Care

Golden Door Skin Care is pleased to announce the launch of our new skin care line. These amazing products uphold the integrity that Golden Door Skin Care has always provided and are now even more natural, more effective and results driven! Our products feature all-natural, antioxidant-rich plant extracts and essential oils inspired by our grounds… Read more »

November: Harvesting Positivity

This month of Thanksgiving, when gratitude is in our minds, is an ideal time to focus on harvesting positivity. I learned this concept from Rick Hanson’s book Buddha’s Brain.  Prior to that I had expressed daily gratitude, and even kept a list at times, but fostering positive experiences took me to a deeper level. Here’s… Read more »

Keeping Fit: 12 ways to stay more active without even trying!

Finding time to work out can be challenging. Busy schedules don’t seem to leave much time for workouts, but with a little creativity you can make exercise part of your daily life no matter how daunting your to-do list is. Use these simple tricks to sneak some intensity into your routine: 1. Jump Squats while microwaving or heating leftovers to help build bone density. 2. Try counter… Read more »

Stuffed Red Apples with Cardamom Fennel Chutney

Warm, Stuffed Apples – an easy fall treat for a crowd, or for just a few! This recipe features Red Vein Apples paired with cardamom fennel chutney. These tasty bites are awaiting guests to nibble on them before dinner. Recipe: Red Vein Apples 2 bulbs of fennel cored and diced 1/4 tsp ground cardamom 1tsp EVOO 1 TBSP lemon… Read more »