Month: January 2015

How to Eat to Detox Your Body!

When we hear about “detox” we often think of fasting, juicing and colonics. The reality is our bodies were designed to detox 24/7.In our new nutrition series at the Golden Door, we explore factors in our environment, lifestyle and eating that can help our bodies stay well. A few key points to consider are: –… Read more »

5 Ways to Find Time for Fitness

By Nick Poggi and Melissa Lopez It’s late January and the excitement of new year’s resolutions is starting to fade. Along with them are people’s motivations and aspirations for a fitter, heathier life.  This seems to happen every year at this time. Gyms become crowded with new exercisers who have a new found zeal for… Read more »

January: A Mindful New Year Three Tips to Help Your Intentions Thrive

How exactly will mindfulness help you stick with your intentions? When you are fully aware in the present moment you do make healthier choices.  Think about it:  When you are unmindful, you lose control over your actions and become reactive.  Mindfulness, like a vigilant personal trainer, helps you become a keen observer of yourself, giving… Read more »

Announcing New Eat to Detox! Class at Golden Door

Our bodies are exposed to a barrage of toxic elements in our environment which can impact our overall health and well-being. A new class offered at the Golden Door by nutritionist Susan M. Piergeorge, MS, RDN, provides easy to utilize strategies to help flush out those toxins by cleaning up our lifestyle and eating the… Read more »

Tabata: The Fresh and Fast Way to a Lean Body

You might ask yourself, what is Tabata training and is it right for me? Tabata training is a way training that requires you to push your absolute hardest for twenty seconds of intensity, followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. Repeat this sequence 8 times and you will have completed a Tabata workout.   It was… Read more »

Garden Planning at the Golden Door

Here at the Golden Door vegetable garden we have been browsing through the new 2015 seed catalogs. The beginning of the year is garden planning time and selecting what we want to grow for Spring and Summer is an exciting process. We will stock up on the old standby vegetable varieties that we know do… Read more »