I Have a Dream

Golden Door is honored to be a key partner in helping raise funds with this organization, which works to ensure that all children have the opportunity to pursue higher education. I Have a Dream Foundation sponsors an entire grade at an inner-city elementary school and stays with those students for more than 10 years. They provide after-school and summer programs, academic and cultural enrichment, counseling services, arts instruction, mentors and tutors. When a Dreamer graduates from high school, the Foundation can supplement other college or career-training scholarships with a last-dollar scholarship for uncovered expenses.

The long-term, comprehensive approach of ˜I Have a Dream’ Foundation equips children with the skills, knowledge and habits they need to succeed in higher education, in fulfilling careers and as productive citizens, said Kathy Van Ness, general manager and chief operating officer of Golden Door. Students have an opportunity to experience the world beyond their neighborhoods, to understand that anything is possible and then to work toward realizing their dreams.

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