Way of Life

Established in 1978, Casa de Amparo is recognized as a leader in treating and preventing child abuse and neglect in San Diego County and beyond, with locations in Oceanside and San Marcos. The non–profit organization annually serves over 525 Casa Kids, from prenatal to 24 years old, as well as 395 families, through three integrated programs that promote healing, growth, and healthy relationships. These programs include Residential Services, Family Visitation, & New Directions.

Casa de Amparo’s mission is to support those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect, through a range of programs and services that promote healing, growth, and healthy relationships.

Golden Door has been a key partner of Casa de Amparo in the fight against child abuse and neglect. Through Golden Door’s financial support, Casa de Amparo has been able to provide shelter, residential services, trauma-informed therapy services, and transportation for youth who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.

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