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  • January 5 - 12

Jan 5-12 AURA AURA at Golden Door

The AURA AURA project serves as a vessel for exploring the #HUMANATMOSPHERE by utilizing analog technology and instant film that is no longer being produced. Through a double-exposure process of capturing your bio-magnetic, vibrational energy, we make the metaphysical visible, resulting in awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits.


The sessions are 30 minutes and consist of first taking the guests’ portrait on film, then sitting down to discuss. Guests will not only receive an information card, but a small workbook that goes into greater lengths about the various colors, what their energy field entails and what it all means, and a diagram of their aura that Eileen will fill in that explains everything gone over verbally. Special for Golden Door guests is the personalized, written out notes so guests have something to revisit along with their photograph.

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Meet Eileen Lee, Founder of AURA AURA

Eileen Lee was born under a Capricorn sun, with Leo rising, and the moon in Gemini.

After living and working in Chicago, then Los Angeles for over a decade, the Detroit native returned home in 2016. As part of her art and lifestyle collective, Grey Area, Eileen studies and researches the human atmosphere, better known as the aura, through her portraiture practice, AURA AURA.

By capturing one’s bio-magnetic and vibrational energy through the use of analog technology and instant film that is no longer being produced, AURA AURA manifests the metaphysical into the physical, resulting in awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits.

In every session, guests receive a portrait, visually revealing their energetic state, and a personalized consultation so they can better understand their inner strengths, the space they occupy and the path they may find themselves on. And for many – the path they wish to take.

Along with her ongoing research of the human energy field, Eileen is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is also the host of Color of our Energy, a podcast that explores topics relating to our auras, energy and consciousness through color and more.

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