Author: Melinda Nelson

Feel Great in 2015 with these 5 Fitness Goals

Want 2015 to be the year for a slimmer sexier waistline?  Fitness Expert Personal Trainer Melinda Nelson shares with you the 5 goals you need to set now to feel great in 2015! Goal #1 Start your New Year’s resolutions early this year!  Before you set foot into those holiday parties have an action plan… Read more »

Keeping Fit: 12 ways to stay more active without even trying!

Finding time to work out can be challenging. Busy schedules don’t seem to leave much time for workouts, but with a little creativity you can make exercise part of your daily life no matter how daunting your to-do list is. Use these simple tricks to sneak some intensity into your routine: 1. Jump Squats while microwaving or heating leftovers to help build bone density. 2. Try counter… Read more »