Author: Nick Poggi

Rotator Workout

Did you know that shoulders are the most commonly injured area in the human body? Chances are you or someone you know suffer from a degree of shoulder stiffness or pain. They are so commonly injured due to their ability to move in a large range of motion. Postural problems are also a major contributor… Read more »

No Butts About It!

Gluts are often a forgotten muscle group when it comes to strength and fitness. In fact, it seems the only care most exercisers have for them is aesthetics.  Seldom is there a thought of just how important they are for our overall strength and health.  You have to ask yourself, “When was the last time… Read more »

Temperature UP, Body Fat Down

Here are eight ways to live healthier and lean up during the warmer seasons: 1. Start your day a healthy way with hot water and lemon. It will help cleanse the liver and detox the body for a fresh start to the day. 2. Healthy Domino Effect: A healthy habit of action will help your mindset stay… Read more »

Bi-Coastal Body Burn: How to Stay in Tip Top Shape When Traveling for Work

Making the voyage from coast to coast is becoming a more common means of conducting business these days. Though the novelties of a big new city can be exciting it is extremely easy to spend numerous days with minimal physical activity. Business meetings and company dinners can ultimately consume much of our travel time leaving… Read more »

What is the Solution to Your Fitness Resolution??

Remember those bold promises you made to yourself a few months ago? Take a minute to ask yourself how they are coming along. This is the time of year when many resolutions are forgotten or are fading fast due to busy schedules and lack of motivation. Every January it is really easy to say I… Read more »

Exercise Vs. Sweating

Ever have that feeling that no matter how often you exercise you just cannot see a change in your body? If you do you, are not alone. Many people work out 5-6 days per week and still hold on to stubborn body fat.  It can be a very discouraging to feel that you do not… Read more »

Tabata: The Fresh and Fast Way to a Lean Body

You might ask yourself, what is Tabata training and is it right for me? Tabata training is a way training that requires you to push your absolute hardest for twenty seconds of intensity, followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. Repeat this sequence 8 times and you will have completed a Tabata workout.   It was… Read more »

The Perfect Christmas Morning Workout Plan

This year let your mind AND body enjoy the most magical day of the year.  Gifting yourself with a quick 10 minute workout before opening presents will not only boost your metabolism before indulging on the day’s sweet treats, but will help to decrease stress and add to the magical feeling that this wonderful holiday… Read more »

Top 10 songs to Enthuse, Energize, and Ignite your Holiday Fitness Focus

Despite the common misconception, even fitness trainers struggle to get ourselves to the gym on occasion. With a million events going on like travel, party preparations and family events, the holidays can be a formidable opponent to even the most solid workout routine. Luckily, The Golden Door Trainers have learned some useful tricks to help… Read more »