By Nick Poggi

3 Workout Pains NOT to Ignore

By Nick Poggi
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Suffering from exercise induced aches and pains is almost an unavoidable reality to most everyone who has ever worked out. Pain is one way our body communicates with our brain, and with so many moving parts we are bound to feel something unpleasant sooner or later. Growing up around a boxing gym I was conditioned to ignore body pains and to keep pushing forward towards victory no matter what the cost. Sadly, that “tough guy” mindset led me to a severely impinged right shoulder and broken knuckle. It was not until college that I learned the difference between having a healthy pain tolerance, and putting myself at risk for serious injury. Here are three instances when you should NOT work through the pain.

1) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Acute feelings of pain near a joint:

If you feel a sharp pain near your shoulder, elbow, knee, or ankle this could be an injury to a joint. Further exercise, could increase damaging inflammation, or if the joint is torn could worsen the tear. Stop activity and immediately apply ice. If the pain persists, play it safe and make a doctor’s appointment.

2) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  When you feel a sensation of “shooting pain”:

If you feel a sensation of an electrical shock or “shooting pain” down any part of your body. This means a nerve is impinged and is a more serious problem. Trying to work through the pain could worsen the damage to the nerve is question. This includes sciatic systems.

3) Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  When you are able to feel or see swelling in the area in question:

Swelling or edema accompanied by pain in a specific area of the body usually means there is acute structural damage like a strain, sprain or tear. Trying to ignore these symptoms and “soldier on” is a fast way to worsen the injury.




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By Golden Door

Chocolate Avocado Ganache Recipe

By Golden Door
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In honor of National Chocolate Day, we are sharing this delectable Chocolate Avocado Ganache Recipe!

Enjoy this easy to make dessert with healthy ingredients. Dark chocolate in particular has health benefits for our brain, skin and blood vessels. And the avocado possesses healthy vitamin E along with mono and polyunsaturated fats. It can be served plain, rolled in unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut, chopped nuts or add some spices, extracts or liqueur and enjoy!

Chocolate Avocade Ganache

Servings: 20

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

5 ounces dark chocolate (at least 60% cacao) chopped fine

1 Ripe Avocado, pitted, peeled and diced


  1. In food processor, mix the chocolate until well ground.
  2. Add the avocado and form a paste.
  3. Scoop into individual portions and serve with nuts, fruit or rolled in unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut or as pictured.


Nutrition per serving: 49 calories, 0 grams protein, 5 grams carbohydrate, 3 grams fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 4 grams sugar, 3 mg sodium, 39 mg potassium, 0.5 grams dietary fiber 

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By Golden Door

Golden Door Masoor Dal Recipe

By Golden Door
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An Indian dish named after the split pink lentils used in the dish, Masoor Dal is a favorite for our vegetarian guests and omnivores are pleasantly satisfied by this hearty meal. We use jarrahdale pumpkins for this recipe, a beautiful blue-grey pumpkin used often for decorating but it’s also the incredibly tasty. Bright orange flesh with the flavor hinting of melon and cucumber. It’s both pickled and stewed in this recipe.

Serving tip: serve the dal over rice for  complete protein balance.



12oz pink lentils

1cup jarrahdelle pumpkin diced no skin

1/2 cup chopped tomato

3TBSP extra virgin coconut oil

1 1/2 cup onion diced

2TBSP minced garlic

1tsp cumin ground

1tsp coriander ground

1TBSP chili powder

1tsp black pepper fresh ground

Dash cayenne or more depending on taste Dash cinnamon

1 bay leaf

1/2 cup chopped green onion

2 TBSP chopped cilantro

1 qrt vegetable stock

Juice of 1 lime

Salt to taste


Rinse the dal ( lentils ) in water until it is clear then soak room temp for 20 min. Drain and set aside. While the lentils are soaking begin to fry the onions in a sauce 4 quart sauce pot with the coconut oil on med heat. You want to see nice golden coloring on the edges of the onion and translucent before moving on. Add garlic and spices and continue to fry for 2-3 min and stir continuously. Add tomatoes and pumpkin cook until the tomatoes release their water. Add lentils, bay leaf and cover by 1/2 an inch with stock. Bring to a simmer and cover. Cook until the lentils are soft. Mash with whisk briskly for a moment to combine. Add green onion, cilantro, lime juice and salt to taste. Garnish with pickled pumpkin and ghee. Chefs tip: best stored in the cooler and served next day.

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By Carol Tibbetts

October: How Nature Helps Us Age Well

By Carol Tibbetts
Posted in: Inner Focus

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” Thoreau’s words echo throughout the gardens and trails here at Golden Door.  As a hike leader for the past 16 years, I continually hear guests say the 6AM hike is their favorite activity.  It’s especially dramatic this time of year, when we begin our walk in semi-darkness beneath the glimmer of stars and moonlight, and as we ascend the mountain, the darkness recedes, the sky lightens, and the sun rises.

Thoreau knew how good a morning walk made him feel, without needing science to tell him so.  Now we have scientific proof (Harvard Health Letter 2010) that “green” exercise has been proven to lower depression and elevate mood, self-esteem and motivation more than indoor exercise. So it’s no wonder why we feel nurtured by nature.  And if you don’t have time to exercise, just being outdoors in natural light is beneficial. Increased time spent indoors along with lighted TV and computer screens contributes to sleep and attention disorders – and for the elderly, accelerated cognitive decline. Studies suggest getting a daily outdoor dose of thirty cumulative minutes, and at the very least, get your ”green fifteen.”

 It’s no secret that exercise and diet are key components of aging well, but research has shown that unless we cultivate inner peace and fulfillment through time in nature, healthy relationships and stress management, we will not age well.  Practicing meditation and a mindfulness will help cultivate all of these qualities and being in nature is one of the easiest ways to be mindful.  Nature makes us slow down and come to our senses, which enables us to notice more and appreciate the simple naked beauty of the ordinary or the imperfect.  And when we observe seasonal changes in nature we are better able to let go of what we were in the past and accept each season of our life as it is today.

In autumn – even here in Southern California – fiery-colored trees practically scream at us to go outside.  Strive for your daily green dose. Slow down and observe the rhythms of nature. Feel the pulsations of life around you and inside you. Poets and countless others have been extolling nature’s wonders for centuries.  Enjoy it, embrace it, and age well in the process.


For more on mindfulness, read “Twelve Mindful Months:  Cultivating a Balanced & Fit Body, Mind, & Spirit” by Carol Tibbetts.  Available on-line & at Golden Door Boutique. Stay on the mindful path with me by following my posts.

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By Golden Door

Golden Door Fig Jam Dot Cookies

By Golden Door
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Looking for a healthy cookie recipe? This guilt-free Jam Dot cookie is a signature snack at the Golden Door, and long-time guest favorite! These cookies are fast and fun to make and can be filled with your favorite kind of Golden Door Preserve or Marmalade. The lush sweetness of the figs shines through in this simple preserve.

1 cup flour
1 cup ground oats
1 cup ground almonds
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup grapeseed oil
Golden Door Organic Fig Preserves

Mix all in a bowl. Form on cookie sheet by hand. Fill with jam and Bake at 350 for 12-15 min.


About Golden Door Artisan Foods

Golden Door Artisan foods are all sourced from local growers and processed at a local facilities based in Southern California. Our products contain no chemical preservatives or artificial sweeteners, are non-GMO, all natural, organic, vegan, gluten – and soy-free. All are made in small batches. Your first and last impression of our jams is the taste of vine or tree ripened fruit.


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By Golden Door

Introducing Golden Door’s New Skin Care Line

By Golden Door
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Find your #GoldenGlow with our brand new beauty products & skincare line! We are thrilled to announce today the launch of our new Golden Door branded products which includes beauty & skincare offerings inspired by our biodynamic gardens and organic groves.

“We are excited to add a Beauty & Skincare collection to the line of Artisanal Food creations available at our online destination,” said Kathy Van Ness, general manager and chief operating officer at Golden Door. “Allowing consumers to take a piece of the Golden Door experience home, the new Beauty & Skin Care line combines decadence and simplicity, much like the resort destination itself. From serums to shampoos, each product embodies our vibrant and healthy lifestyle.”

The Beauty & Skin Care products are all free of sulfates, paraben, mineral oil, petroleum, dyes and synthetic fragrances, as well as being 100 percent biodegradable. Golden Door’s comprehensive, full body skincare regime focuses on delivering results and includes serums, facial moisturizers, hydrating toners, body oil, eye creams, lip treatments, shower gel and masques, along with shampoos and conditioners.

The indigenous outdoor elements at Golden Door played an essential role in determining the ingredients used in the collection. The beauty products feature plant extracts, as well as citrus and teas enjoyed by guests during their stay each week. Many of the facial products include grapefruit, lime, lemon extracts and citrus stem cells inspired by the citrus orchards, while the hints of avocado give a nod to the large groves on the property.

Golden Door’s new Beauty & Skincare line is available online at goldendoor.com/shop 


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By Susan Piergeorge

October is Apple and Cranberry Month

By Susan Piergeorge
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It’s that time of year for the beautiful colors of fall. It’s also a change of seasons in our produce. October welcomes in apples and cranberries. Both are packed with nutrition, flavor and versatility in cooking. They can be stewed, baked or added to salads. Each on their own or combined make for a delicious snack mixed with some nuts, nut butter, cheese, added to oatmeal, plain yogurt or cottage cheese.

A few nutrition and health points for apples:

– Apples contain soluble fiber, which has been associated with lowering cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
– Apples contain antioxidants that may help protect the lungs, colon and prostate.
– Some evidence reveals that apples may help boost memory and possibly slow the onset of Alzheimer’s
– A medium apple contains about 95 calories and 4 grams of dietary fiber, which can help with blood sugar and appetite.
– There are about 100 varieties of apples with 15 making up the majority of apple production.

A few nutrition and health points for cranberries:

– Cranberries are a source of vitamins C and fiber.
– Some evidence links cranberries with a lower risk of urinary tract infections, protecting the esophagus and colon, as well as possibly lowering blood pressure.
– 1 cup fresh cranberries contains 50 calories and 5 grams dietary fiber; 1 Tablespoon dried cranberries contains 45 calories and 1 gram dietary fiber.

Excerpted in part from Susan’s book “Boomer Be Well! Rebel Against Aging through Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle” which is available in our online shop and Golden Door Boutique.


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By Golden Door

Ginger Honey Tea

By Golden Door
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Most people fear honey bees, but Greg Frey Jr. loves getting up close. Greg is not only the executive chef at Golden Door, but is also the resident beekeeper. Honey bees are essential to the pollination and survival of some of Californian’s favorite food crops—almonds, avocados, apples, citrus. Greg is passionate about harvesting fresh honey for use in some of his delicious culinary creations, including Golden Door’s Ginger Honey Tea.

Ginger Honey Tea

2 bags green tea

6 1/2 cups water

1 crushed stalk of lemongrass

1/3 cup raw wildflower honey

1″ knob of crushed whole ginger root

Fresh lemon to taste

Bring water, ginger, lemongrass, &honey  to a hard simmer but not a boil. Steep the tea for 4 min off the heat, strain and serve.

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By Nick Poggi

How to Beat Workout Plateaus

By Nick Poggi
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Plateau is a term commonly thrown around the fitness world.  If you are someone who exercises the same way often, chances are you have experienced this frustrating occurrence. It happens when your body adjusts to the stressors placed upon it and as a result there is no further reason for it to change or adapt. This can be an extremely frustrating consequence if you have dedicated so much time to exercise, but are not seeing the results you once did. So how do you overcome this annoyance?

Try new exercises: We tend to exercise in ways that are most comfortable for us. Typically, runners run because they are naturally good at it, and weight lifters lift because they don’t like to run. Try to perform exercises at least once per week that might not being your favorite. This helps to create confusion with your body and will increase your results.

Leave your comfort zone: Don’t worry about lack of rhythm or athletics. Try to take a fitness class that makes you a little nervous. If that dance class looks too fast, or that cardio-box class looks too challenging tell yourself you will do you best you can and go for it. Chances are you feel nervous because you have never made your body workout in that specific way. When you make your body move in ways it hasn’t before, you will see results.

Mix it up: If you are absolutely in love with your exercise routine keep it! All you have to do is to mix up the order in which you perform each exercise and switch up the days of the week you perform your routines. If you are used to doing weights on Monday’s and cardio on Tuesday’s switch it up so that you do cardio on Monday.  If you are used to warming up on the elliptical and then working out on the treadmill, try warming up on the treadmill and working out on the elliptical.  Results come from confusing your body and not letting it adapt to the same routine over and over.

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By Golden Door

Pink Lady Apple Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

By Golden Door
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Golden Door’s Pink Lady Apple Sweet and Sour Sauce is a versatile condiment we use often in our kitchen for game and fall/winter vegan dishes.  Shown served with Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops.


Serves 6-8

>1 Pink Lady Apple diced

> 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

> 1/4 cup wildflower honey

> Zest of 1 lemon chopped fine

> 1TBSP coarse chopped peppermint

> 1/4 tsp ground cumin

> Sprinkle of cinnamon

> Sprinkle of cayenne pepper

> Sprinkle of fresh ground pepper & salt


Nutritional Information:

50 Calories a serving, 13g carb, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 50mg sodium, 36 mg potassium, 1g dietary fiber


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