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How and Why to Reduce Sugar Intake-Part I

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By Susan Piergeorge, MS, RDN

Many of us have a sweet tooth of some sort. While consuming foods that contain sugar can be a treat, it is also worth taking a look at what it can do to the body over time. Let’s start with some basics. Carbohydrates come in two forms: Simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are a smaller molecule and break down more quickly (hence the term simple). Sugar is a simple carbohydrate. Other names for sugar include sucrose (table sugar), glucose, fructose, corn syrup, honey, molasses, brown sugar, dextrose and malt syrup to name of few. When it comes to metabolism, simple sugars can make blood sugar rise and fall quickly, which can start a hunger and response cycle. This cycle can lead to overeating, because our bodies are truly “craving for more.” Elevated blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on our bodies over the long term, especially if you have diabetes or metabolic syndrome. A few examples include:

– Increase in infections, such as yeast or urinary tract
– Vision loss or impairment
– Impaired wound healing
– Elevated blood lipid levels
– Impaired kidney function and damage
– Impaired nerve function and damage
– Circulatory problems
– Play a role in the development of wrinkles

What to do? A few tips include:

– Reduce sugar intake. Start by cutting back or eliminating it.
– Switch to fruit or dried fruit in cereals and oatmeal.
– If you are a juice drinker, cut the juice in your glass to half the amount and add sparkling water.
– Try adding herbs to a beverage instead of sugar. Basil, mint, rosemary all have wonderful flavor and also pack some nutrition. Or, a splash of fruit juice in your iced tea    can make for a refreshing change.
– In baking try cutting back on sugar in your cookies by about a third. Substitute with spices such as cinnamon, cloves or anise seed, depending on the recipe. Cinnamon has been shown to help with managing blood sugar, blood cholesterol and blood pressure in some individuals. Experiment and see what works for you.
– Read food and beverage labels
– Names for sugar include anything with a word ending in ose, which stands for sugar. Also, corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, glucose syrup are a few others.

In Part II, we will review more information about sugar and carbohydrates.

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Golden Door Welcomes Margaret I. Cuomo, M.D.

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We are so excited to welcome Dr. Margaret Cuomo to the Golden Door for “Power of Prevention” Week, June 29- July 6.

National advocate for the prevention of cancer and author of A World Without Cancer, Margaret I. Cuomo says that 50% of all cancer is preventable by applying what we know right now! By choosing to change our habits and paying closer attention to the products we use, we can limit our risk for cancer and other diseases. As daughter of former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo and current Governor, Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Cuomo’s family tradition of public service is evident. Her ground-breaking book, based on first-hand experience with cancer patients presents a provocative look into the ways that “profit, personalities, and politics obstruct real progress in the war on cancer. She calls for “bold leadership to transform our system from treatment to prevention”. This week promises to be an eye-opening look at the way we fight cancer.

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Throwing open our Golden Door

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With the launch of our new website, our old friends will understand just how busy we’ve been since our new owner, Joanne Conway, purchased the property in May 2013.  Joanne was a loyal guest of Golden Door and understood its most valuable principles…from the inside out!  She’s added 300 acres to our property that will serve as outdoor fitness locations, as home to gardens and groves and as an investment in the natural life of our region.

Our new General Manager, Kathy Van Ness, has encouraged us to look anew at all our communications tools, to find the most modern ways to tell our Golden Door story to women and men for whom this unique, life-changing experience may be right.  So, we are broadening our social media presence.  We’re using video to tell our story.  And we are investing the expertise and care of our renowned, ground-breaking spa into products.

Making the first of what will be many videos was a full-team effort!  Team members joined our agency to talk about the core values of Golden Door, and what we do that’s different than just about anyplace else.

Our new webstore will be open for business in early June!  We’ll tell you more about that next time.

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