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The Perfect Metabolism

Book Description

The Perfect Metabolism Plan dispels the diet myths that got so many of us into this state of poor health, low energy, and excess weight gain. Learn the 10 keys to optimizing your metabolism to finally achieve vibrant health, energy and a healthy weight – for good!


Heal Your Metabolism to Improve Your Health and Reach Your Ideal Weight

“The answer to many of our health issues is right at the end of our forks.” The real secret to reaching vibrant health and our optimal weight is to reset our metabolism. In The Perfect Metabolism Plan, nutritionist and foodie Sara Vance breaks it all down into the 10 keys you need in order to unlock your optimal metabolism. Sara started out as a picky eating kid who didn’t like veggies very much and ate way too much sugar. She paid the price with a long list of chronic symptoms─mood swings, insatiable hunger, digestion issues, allergies, and weight gain. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that the answer was staring her in the face the whole time. The answer was right at the end of her fork!


Reboot your metabolism and take control. Millions of us have counted calories until we’re blue in the face. We’ve cut fat, eaten less, and exercised more─and we’re still heavier than we want to be. Or we lose the weight, only to see it creep back. It’s frustrating, discouraging, and unhealthy. In Sara Vance’s The Perfect Metabolism Plan, you’ll learn that this inability to stay at a healthy weight is not about willpower and it’s not your fault! When your metabolism is out of whack, your willpower, hunger hormones, insulin, and cravings all work against you. And you not only can’t lose weight, you tend to feel foggy, sluggish, or generally unwell. It’s time to take control. You need a plan to achieve metabolic renewal.


The Perfect Metabolism Plan will show you how to reset and reboot your metabolism through 10 keys, and you will also find:

  • A bonus chapter of metabolic hacks
  • Over 50 healthy recipes
  • And, a workable plan for putting it all into action


If you are a fan of books such as Happy GutBrain MakerThe Metabolism PlanThe Case Against Sugar, or Wired to Eat; you’ll love Sara Vance’s The Perfect Metabolism Plan.


Click here to learn more about The Perfect Metabolism Plan and where you can buy it.

Speaker Series

Watch a fascinating interview with Victoria Skurnick, literary agent at LGR Literary Agency, on the Future of Books and publishing. Click here to watch.

Author Spotlight

    Mona Simpson is an award-winning American author. She is a professor of English at UCLA and the Sadie Samuelson Levy Professor in Languages and Literature at Bard College.She received her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and her M.F.A. from Columbia University. After graduating from Columbia, Mona worked as an editor for Paris Review. In 1994, Mona returned to Los Angeles and in 2001, she started teaching creative writing at UCLA. Simpson is also a highly successful novelist. Her novels are a mixture of events from her life and pure fiction.

    Click here to watch our Speaker Series interview with this acclaimed author. 

Mona Simpson: Part 2

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