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Crystal Immersion

  • with Colleen McCann of Style Rituals

New at Golden Door

Crystals Immersion Week is a new offering here at Golden. Aside from our regular award-winning programming, you can experience unique and special weeks like these throughout the year.

Colleen McCann of Style Rituals, fashion stylist turned energy practitioner, has spent this lifetime appreciating all things beautiful. From the runways of Paris to the crystal caves of South America, Colleen has always been acutely aware of the power and strength that lies in the exquisite.

Keep reading for some of the offerings you can expect during Crystal Immersion Weeks and upcoming 2020 dates.

Setting Intentions for the Week

The week starts with a Crystal-infused Meditation. Every guest receives a palm-sized Clear Quartz crystal. This is the “black skinny jean” of the crystal world…a neutral so it ‘matches’ all the other crystals & also an amplifier so it is the perfect crystal to start with as it raises the vibration of all the other crystals they will be working alongside throughout the week.

Coffee & Crystals

Mornings should be started with a little sparkle! Colleen has a crystal of the day and hosts a guided discussion with all guests each morning. They open each day by having guests pick a crystal & tarot card after breakfast to bring clarity and guidance into the day.

Crystals 101

During this class guests dive into the basics of crystals and how to use them properly.

  • How do I clean a crystal?
  • How do I know if a crystal is for me?
  • What is the proper way to gift a crystal?Each person individually picks a crystal & tarot card to add to their ‘Sacred Space‘ as this helps guests learn how to ‘Flex Their Intuitive Muscle’.

Shamanic Energy Dusting

During this class guests explore the energies associated with Shamans throughout continuous lineages. Colleen brings her “Medicine Bag” and guests will also learn how to curate their own bag of goodies. They go over additional energetic beauty rituals to add to their routine and the tools they will need in order to clear their energy. Harnessing this energy brings about change in our own lives mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Private One-On-One


The client will have the opportunity to discuss their needs (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually). The origins of interest will be identified by tapping into your very own “SOUL GPS”. Utilizing crystals, tarot cards and chatting with spirit guides will bring clarity on such subjects as love, career goals, past lives, addictive behaviors & major life shifts. The outcome from the client dialogue and the reading will focus on bringing resolution & manifestation into daily practices.


We are going to pow-wow on the floor with Colleen’s tarot cards and crystals. Colleen likes to keep things simple and understandable for her clients so practical applications and palatable advice will be given based on the information acquired in the session. She always gives out sage and sometimes a little bit of mystical homework too.


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