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New at Golden Door! DEXA Scan

DEXA, Dual Energy X-Ray Absorption, is a tool to fast track your path to wellness. The five minute DEXA scan is a comprehensive snapshot of your total body composition, metabolic health and bone density. You will receive accurate measurements of over 50 metrics, including your resting metabolic rate, to help determine your specific health, wellness and nutritional needs.

Share your DEXA results with your Fitness Guide to tailor a fitness and nutrition plan to improve your body composition, bone density, and resting metabolic rate.

What is a DEXA Scan?

Other than a whole body MRI, a DEXA scan is the only other comprehensive, accurate, and precise method of whole body composition quantification. It’s a 5-10 minute, fully clothed, head-to-toe full body scan that yields 50+ metrics including visceral fat and bone density.

We use the GE Lunar Prodigy scanner, which is coined as the most thoroughly and scientifically validated method for body composition and bone density.


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