Golden Door Launches Innovative Inner Door

Experience the Golden Door in a whole new way!

Transcend your guest experience of a lifetime well beyond our golden doors with the launch of our highly anticipated interactive online portal – Inner Door.

Our Inner Door portal revolutionizes the legendary personalized programming that we offer by granting access to your exclusive guest experience. Guests are now able to review and work closely together with our highly valued staff to design their own customized fitness, beauty, mindfulness, and diet plans. Features such as specifying preferences, tracking past activity and managing unique aspects of your stay will all be available on the online portal. Guests are able to view who their massage therapist and fitness trainers will be or have been in the past if you are a returning guest, as well as keep track of your own health and wellness goals.

Whether you are a returning guest or a first-time guest, Inner Door is going to guide and give you the tools to prepare you for an exclusive, unforgettable health and wellness week. And stay tuned for the second, even more, exciting phase of Inner Door, yet to be set in motion. Still under current development, Inner Door will present even more interactive features with guest’s weekly meal plans as well as spa and fitness schedules, live chats with a personal concierge, personal notes to add and more.

Please contact or call 866-420-6414 with any questions or if you would like further information.

Did You Know

 100% of Golden Door’s profits go to select charities across the U.S. that are dedicated to transforming the lives of children.