Golden Door Welcomes Fitness Trainer Keli Roberts

We are so excited to welcome Keli Roberts, a world renowned fitness educator, trainer and the award recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Instructor of the Year, to Golden Door at the end of this month (August 31  – September 7).

Celebrity trainer, fitness instructor, author and more! Keli Roberts has done it all. A native of Australia, Keli has been recognized as a fitness authority that’s transformed fitness education with groundbreaking innovations characterized by her expert skill and instruction. Keli has been featured in Shape, Elle, Health, Fitness, Self, Ms Fitness, American Fitness, Allure and many international publications as well. Additionally, Keli is a featured instructor on the award winning TV series, CRUNCH Fitness, on ESPN.

Keli will be on the front lines with our guests teaching our indoor cycling series, Kickbox Boot Camp, Centered Strength—a  stability ball workout to improve postural alignment and muscle tone—and Glute Camp—a “below the belt” workout to strengthen your entire lower body.

Golden Door’ cycling series includes:

Fatbuster Cycle

Sustained steady state intervals to promote high caloric expenditure.

Virtual Ride

Designed to take you on a sensory journey out of the classroom using creative imagery. From the mountains to the beach to the roadways of the world; the possibilities are endless! Shoes: cross-training or court.

Cycle Revolution

Revolutionize your workout potential using your bike’s speedometer and focusing on the revolutions per minute (rpm) throughout your ride.  Maximize cardio and increase your caloric burn and strength gains by changing cadence and speed with each song. Shoes: cross-training or court.