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  • A Sacred Feminine Journey

Meet Laura J. Swan, Women's Transformational Coach

Laura J. Swan is an author, psychotherapist, intuitive healer, and transformational life and leadership coach for women. Since a very young age, she has been devoted to the rise of feminine wisdom and healing worldwide, and she is the founder and creator of the Reclaim Your Power transformational pathway for conscious feminine awakening. As a trained psychotherapist in Archetypal and Depth Psychology, Reiki Master Healer, yoga teacher, and Priestess and Ceremonialist leading women’s circles since she was 16 years old, Laura has been empowering and working with women to unlock their full intuitive power, divine purpose, and creative and leadership potential for over 22 years. For more information, visit

Private Sessions with Laura

Inner Wisdom Healing Sessions

In this powerful and nurturing healing session, Laura helps you to identify and clear current stagnancy or blocks in your physical and emotional body so you can live your Soul’s highest path of fulfillment and wholeness in the areas of career, relationships, spiritual calling, creativity, health and abundance. Through an integration of grounded healing techniques from Archetypal, Jungian, and Depth Psychology, along with energy work, sound healing, and sacred feminine spirituality, you will activate your deepest inner wisdom so can access your greatest health, clarity, inner peace and happiness moving forward.


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