Monday Mindfulness Tips

Get Mindfulness! Here’s how you can achieve mindfulness with three daily activites:

 Create a daily wake-up ritual.  Each morning before you rise, set a mindful intention.  Choose 3 activities that you will attempt to do mindfully.  Choose one meal, one rote activity, and one other.  Examples:

1. Just eat: Â No reading, emailing, texting or TV.  When we eat mindfully we will be satisfied with less, and with time, crave healthier foods.

2. Just shower:  Feel & appreciate how the hot water soothes your body. Avoid thoughts of what you have to do after your shower & stay present to the sensations we often take for granted.

3. Just exercise:  Stay tuned into your muscles, how you place your feet, your breath, your heartbeat & how you move through space.  Get out of your head (away from unrelated thoughts) & into your body.  You’ll benefit more with focused exercise & be less apt to get injured.

If you forget, forgive. If you notice yourself being unmindful, you’re being mindful:  Be glad you noticed!  Before long you will be aware of times when you are more mindful than you were in the past, or of when you are mindful without intention. Enjoy the new sense of peace, focus and balance mindfulness brings to your life.


For more on mindfulness, read  â€œTwelve Mindful Months:  Cultivating a Balanced & Fit Body, Mind & Spirit” by Carol Tibbetts.  (Available at Golden Door Boutique or shop on-line)  Stay on the mindful path with me by following my posts. Share comments & questions here or email me at