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Art is a living, breathing presence at Golden Door. Dating from the 18th century Edo period, our collection surrounds one with timeless beauty and Zen symbolism. Works such as the 40 imposing stone lanterns that punctuate our garden paths, antique gilded screens that grace our guest rooms, and a fierce Temple Guardian who defends against demons provide the frame for a deeply re-centering experience.

Japanese Stone Lanterns – Ishi-Doro, The Golden Doors, Silver-Leaf Panel Screen, KOMOKU-TEN Warrior, The Stone Scholar, Pair of Foo Dogs & Sand Gardens.

Japanese Stone Lanterns – Ishi-Doro

Once valued for the light they provided on the roadways to shrine or temples or along the garden path of Japanese, today the stone lantern is prized for the beauty and sense of place it lends to a Japanese garden.

The Golden Doors

The gem-encrusted motif represents the Tree of Life. Tunisian brass and copper. The front doors were handmade of hammered brass and semi-precious stones in Tecate, Mexico.

Silver-Leaf Panel Screen

Edo Period C. 1800-1860


KOMOKU-TEN, defender of the temple, he holds the divine treasure house of Buddha’s teachings. MID-EDO Period, C. 1800.

The Stone Scholar

The Stone Scholar welcomes guests in front of the golden doors. His serene facial expression encourages one’s own facial muscles to relax. Meji Period, 1868-1900

Pair of Foo Dogs

Pair of Foo Dogs are guardian symbols. The male (L) has his paw on the world symbolizing dominance. The female (R) has her paw on a cub symbolizing nurturing.

Sand Gardens

Sand gardens are as diverse as the scenes they may evoke. One may suggest a dry stream bed. Another may be arranged to represent a waterfall. Yet another may be more in the spirit of a modern-art composition—making no definite statement, but very pleasing to the eye nonetheless.

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