Three Fitness Secrets From the Golden Door

The famous Golden Door is renowned for its expertise in fitness, so too are its experienced trainer’s in their approach to creating personal programs for each individual guest. Here are three secrets that will help you not only achieve your fitness goals, but will keep you healthy and happy along the way.

1) Â Customize your workouts– we are all different in the way we walk, talk and move. Just because one exercise plan works for a friend, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Lunges might be a great toning exercise for a one person, but might result in sore knees for someone else. Work with a trainer to come up with a unique routine to compliment the way your body moves. Your workouts will be optimized, and your joints will be happy.

2) Harder is not always better– Did you know that rest and recovery is as important as the exercise itself? Studies show that you should be working out intensely no more than three days per week.  Adding an extra stretch day in place of a challenging workout might just be what your body needs to re-energize and recover.

3) Interval Training– Tired of spending thirty minutes per day on the treadmill or elliptical and not seeing results? It’s probably because your body has adapted to your workout. Adding in short bouts of more intense work followed by bouts of recovery will not only shorten your workout, it will burn more calories in the end.