Unlock Your Soul’s Potential

May 19th-26th

Sonja Picard & Marlyna Los


Join us for an empowering week that invites you to awaken and take lead of your life with tools from ancient technology that will help you redesign your life to unfold your deepest true potential. Connect within and learn how to take ‘daily’ balance check-ins to keep grounded in a busy demanding world. You will be guided to dive deep into self-discovery, express creativity to unlock the subconscious, learn ancient tools that provide clarity and insight on who we are, what is our destiny and how we can engage with it.


What you will take away during this magical week . . .

Create a collage and abstract art piece infused with symbols and words.

Receive your personal astrology map and understand how to use it as a tool to navigate your life with clarity and empower your life’s decisions.

Learn how to create and treat rituals as an essential tool to take charge of your life.

Utilize creativity and imagination to unfold deep seeded ideas and take them into action.

Organize and beautify your environment as a means of raising consciousness and activate more abundance in your life.

Make your own sacred mala (108 bead necklace) and invoke it with your intentions and learn how to activate it and use it as a tool for meditation.

Make your own journal and create a practice of sacred writing as a way of staying connected to your highest self.

Develop your own perception and intuition thru the ancient wisdom of tarot.


Workshop priced at $2,500 per guest


  • 8AM-1PM Make Your Own Intention-Infused Mala
  • 7:45PM Use Feng Shui to Live Your Best Life
Tuesday 8AM-1PM
  • Move Your Stuff – Feng Shui
  • Daily Rituals to Shift Your Life
  • Make Your Own Journal
Wednesday 8AM-1PM
  • Paint & Collage
Thursday 8AM-1PM
  • Awaken Your Intuition Through Tarot
Friday 8AM-1PM
  • Empower Your Life Through Chinese Astrology
  • Closing Ceremony Circle


For more information or to sign up, please contact guestservices@goldendoor.com

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