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Weekly Programs

Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom Weeks with Annharriet Buck offer an extraordinary melding of east and west; of philosophy and science. Her newest program entitled‚ Six Step‚ Journey from Mindfulness to Gratitude includes topics such as Meditation as a Brain Changer, Beyond Digital Dependency, Mindfulness Inside and Out, Becoming 10% Happier, and Gratitude as a Way of Life. Annharriet has… Read more »

Dance Week

Dance Week

Food & Wine

Food & Wine Week at the Golden Door is all the best things in one week! Enjoy our regular program along with great meals paired with the best wines California has to offer. Special guest presenter Aura Aura photography…

Dance Week

Dancing is the perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation. During this week we offer many different types of dance classes this week depending on your experience, musical and style preferences. Dancing is a great outlet for self expression and creativity. It can reduce stress and depression. Being with others enhances mood,… Read more »

Sleep Rituals

Sleep is one of the key contributors to our overall health and vitality. Join us this week as we learn tips and utilize tools to promote a night of restful sleep. Unwind and enjoy learning about all the ways in which we can maximize our night’s sleep. We will explore how yoga, meditation, breath work,… Read more »