Be a part of something bigger
Golden Door is passionate about the values and principles that we share with our beneficiary charities. Our culture is rooted in changing lives and in renewing our land to help revitalize the environment. We believe that responsibility extends beyond our walls. As a show of support to those involved in making the world a more loving, more humane, and more peaceful place, we have pledged 100% of our net profits to help end child abuse and transform young lives.
Recruitment at Golden Door
Join a unique working environment inspired by rich diversity and long history melding traditions. As we grow and expand, we need to attract and nurture the finest talent. External recruitment is a strategic pillar of our human resources policy. It is vital to bringing new energy to our Golden Door Team. We look for the pursuit of excellence and capacity to look to the future while staying true to our values. Candidates with these qualities will thrive at Golden Door.
Commitment to Sustainability
Golden Door is focused on environmental stewardship efforts in northern San Diego County. The rural site known as "Newland Sierra" ensures that the 2,000 acres of critical open space, wildlife and precious habitat areas of the property will be protected for generations to come. Protecting this property reflects our deep commitment to sustainability, which we believe is part of our responsibility to our community and beyond. Caring for the incredible resources on this site is a way we can truly contribute to our shared climate action goals.
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