The Land

Beauty is just the beginning
Mature Japanese gardens capture the spirit of Golden Door. Zen rock gardens that feed the soul. Roji, simple rustic gardens, for engaging with others over tea, and kaiyu-shiki-teien, stroll gardens that engage visitors in the richness of the garden experience.
The Good Earth
Gardens that nourish
As Japanese gardens feed the soul, our culinary gardens will feed your body. Fresh vegetables rise from the earth in our vegetable gardens. Oranges may be plucked fresh from our giving trees. One day, the olive trees of a grove reclaimed will bear their nutritious fruit.
Unrivaled nature
There are more than 600 acres of nature to hike, run or simply explore at your own pace at Golden Door. Mountains to climb. Vistas to discover. A bamboo forest that gives voice to the wind. Natural life that gives visitors the gift of boundlessness.
Nature Unbound
Seeing forever
Being in nature not only feeds the body, but can feed the soul. Sometimes, the best exercise doesn’t feel like exercise at all. With more than 30 miles of hiking trails that trace mountainsides or meander through meadows, there’s a natural path to fitness for every guest.