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There are people in this region who believe there is magic in the mountains that surround Golden Door. We think that magic is simply the increasingly rare experience of earth that is understood to be both national patrimony and the future of us all. We take only what we need from the land and are committed to giving back as much. This land is magical. And we intend to keep it that way.

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Land & Conservation, Environmental Stewardship, Biointensive Farming & Doing Our Part.

Land & Conservation

Our dedication to protecting our land allows Golden Door to offer an abundance of outdoor activities for our guests to enjoy. As our groves grow, our orchards flower and our botanicals bloom, each day becomes a new experience of the great outdoors, bringing us closer to nature and to our own inner selves. The peacefulness of the experience offers enlightenment and calm.

Environmental Stewardship

Preservation and invention will help steward our land for future generations. We have developed new water sources to feed our groves, prepare our soil with natural nutrient sources and cultivate our trees for optimal health.

Biointensive Farming

We strive to create a diversified, balanced agricultural ecosystem that generates health and sustainably promotes land fertility. The harmonization of the land, sun and water infuses the food we raise with vital nutrients. Our Biointensive farming methods ensure that the food we serve our guests is healthy, clean and natural…just as it was intended.

Doing Our Part

At Golden Door Farms, we believe in renewing our land to help revitalize the environment. We have transplanted thirty-five 30-year-old Manzanillo olive trees from a commercial orchard, recently added 131-acres of citrus groves to our agricultural holdings and bringing a new life to over seventy-five acres of now fruitful avocado groves.

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