There is a truly authentic culture of generosity and compassion at the Golden Door. I think that’s what separates them from the rest. A sense of openness and community. It felt like a really big part of the growth and rejuvenation we experienced in our week together.

Liev Schreiber, actor

The Golden Door pampers and challenges you, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to use the experience. I’ve been here twice, once with a group of friends and most recently alone. I recommend both experiences. Recently alone, I sought a refuge from the noise of a busy, full life and a chance to get back in shape after a fractured ankle sidetracked my workout routine. I found both. The staff is wonderful in every way, with plenty of flexibility and personalization of services and classes. Wellness of body and mind distinguishes it from other spas and luxury of other retreats. I can’t wait to return.

Susan Sarandon, actress

I thoroughly‚ enjoyed my first visit to the Golden Door and considered myself lucky to come for “Inner Wisdom Week” with Annhariet – how interesting and informative! And loved meeting now “new” friends – and the service was fantastic! I will consider returning in a few years – perfect place to rest, relax and find my inner self!!

Mikell K. Johnson, Metairie, LA

I came here for the first time. I walked through the golden door and down the bridge and cried deeply to learn the evil spirits would stay behind as I turn the corner into the sanctuary. Inside I found myself. I shifted, opened, found love and compassion and forgiveness – I found strength – and I am now at peace. When I left, I felt ready to go through the golden door. Because I found myself.

Thank you with deep love.

Michelle Gerber, West Vancouver, BC Canada

Golden Door opens‚ 

Nurtures friendship along path

Mindful spirit soars

I came to the Golden Door physically broken and mentally exhausted having lost my direction and myself in life’s tragedies.

You have helped me recognize myself again and find my inner strength and peace. Thank you!

Amy Bekier, San Diego, CA

This week has really been life changing. I came in a basket case! The challenges with my autistic son had really gotten the best of me. I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the challenges ahead! This truly is an amazing place to be! Thank you to all!

Love Annie

Anne Woodward, Hidden Hills, CA

Thank you all for helping me through a very difficult week.

I hope the next time you see me I will be “whole” again and you will see more of my smile 

Mary. M. Owisman

This is the second time coming here and each time I take away something different. The first time, I left becoming more spiritual and practicing yoga on a weekly basis. This time I realized how important the food we eat is and I appreciated every meal because I felt greater and greater everyday. Thank you for putting me back on the right track.

Nour Altamimi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I was welcomed

I was pampered

I was pushed

I was soothed

I was nourished

I was reflective

I was comforted

I was educated

I was enlightened

I was amazed

I am grateful!

Thank you all so much!

Lynne Hunt, London, England

I came to the Golden Door expecting a relaxing spa and some challenging workouts. What I did not anticipate was the opportunity to explore more personal issues through one-on-one sessions with experts in their fields. This, and the extraordinary staff of the Door, has made my visit here more of a voyage in self discovery in a most understated luxurious manner.

M.M., Chevy Chase, MA

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

This special place called the Golden Door is home to beauty in all of it’s forms. Caring and kind staff who spend their time and talent to bring comfort, joy and peace to all who pass by here. Hugs and love abound.

Judith K. Linaburg, Pittsburgh, PA

This special week at the Golden Door has truly confirmed a new direction in my life. The challenges proved to be opportunities for renewed strength. Fear of not reaching my goals is no longer an excuse. The staff were outstanding in their willingness to help me improve in every class and situation. The cleanliness was beyond perfection, the quality of the meals and their preparation was superb. Truly this is a well-seen spa and I would give it 5 stars!

S.T., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Thank you Golden Door from the bottom of my heart. After three days of specific training I am able to walk up the stairs to my room freely without holding on to the banister. I am going home with exercises I need to continue with my progress. I’ll see you all next year!

S.R., San Luis Obispo, CA

My focus this visit was two fold. One, for my mind and body to take the time to reflect and relax. And secondly, to tailor my activities and nutritional needs in such a way that I could realistically incorporate them into my daily life at home. To these ends I have had a very successful visit.

E.M., Dallas, TX

I arrived tired, overworked, stressed and my energy was low. I am leaving relaxed, restored and excited about my life. Thank you!

L.W., Kansas City, MO

The Golden Door not only meets the expectation – it exceeds the expectation. From the moment you pass through the exquisite golden door and walk down the crooked bridge, past the riot of blooming camellias, you are enveloped in a nurturing environment where an unparalleled staff gently guides you on a transformative journey. This unique Japanese inspired spa has changed my palette with its sophisticated, delicious, organic cuisine. From the superior instruction I received on the tennis court to the beautiful early morning guided hikes, every goal that I set for myself was achieved with the help of the incredible staff at the Golden Door.

Renee Drake, Chicago, IL

I look around at all the women smart enough to come here before a healing crisis, and I’m glad to have finally joined their ranks.

R.S, Vancouver, BC

I knew I had to come here, but I didn’t know what I needed. Luckily the Golden Door knew exactly what I needed and gave it to me in drones. Signed, a changed human being.

S.B., San Francisco, CA

At dawn, lungs joyous with fresh air, spider webs hanging from branches like dew filled crystalline tumblers, eyes brimming with tears of gratitude, and marvel at the majesty of nature.

Dora Levy Mossanen, Los Angeles, CA

When I arrived here on Sunday I was totally burned out – my body was exhausted, my stress levels were maxed out and I was feeling depressed and shut down. Today I’m feeling like a completely new person. I’m energized, rested, and feeling like a million dollars. Most importantly the deep fog of depression has lifted it’s veil and my spirit feels strengthened and my heart feels light. I’m feeling such joy and gratitude. On my Labyrinth walk my stone said ‘love’, which just sums things up perfectly. I feel loved. Thank you to the wonderful staff here.

Keli Roberts, Pasadena, California

Inner Wisdom week at the Golden Door has been an exquisite and profound experience. The level of care in every area was literally heavenly. Answers were given before you asked and most needs were anticipated. I asked for very little because everything had been thought of. I feel stronger and healthier and have a jump start to my exercise agenda at home as was as healthier eating. I now know really well the extraordinary difference fresh vegetables and fruits picked straight from the garden can make in taste and presentation. The staff is extremely gracious and caring and always try to help with even the smallest things.

N.D., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I came to the Golden Door by accident – or maybe karma. My husband passed away just over four months ago and I was looking for a retreat to gather myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I gained all of that and more. I rediscovered activities I used to love doing and will now incorporate them back into my life. I had time to think and reflect in the dream sharing and wise women circle, and will now go back to consider how to proceed those insights. I am very grateful for this experience. 

S.B., Perth, Australia

Golden Door is a very special place that quietly brings out the warmth, love and joy in people. I have met the most wonderful people and have never felt so cared for. It has been a sensational and wonderful experience.

Danielle Price, Sausalito, CA

To the entire Golden Door Family: thank you, thank you! This is my first visit to this magical oasis. My heart, brain and feet have been on the path to find my ‘golden’ door for a long, long time. I’m just sorry it took this long, but I am sure there was a purpose. Being with my sister was such a joy. I will be back!

Tamara Sarantschia, Napa, CA

My stay has been just perfect. I cannot express myself poetically, but I shall carry in my inner self a fabulous memory of the people and my experiences here. I hope I shall return. Inshalla.

Laetitia Oppenheim, London, England

The Golden Door is an aurora – brilliant reds, soothing blues, luminous greens. It is always beautiful, mesmerizing, energizing. The colors dance for a lifetime.

M.S., Sutton, Alaska

The beautiful setting and the care and warmth of the staff

make this place so very, very special.

CK, Queen Charlotte, BC, Canada

There is a huge variety of classes to choose from for all levels and they make each one fun and challenging. All the trainers are amazing – knowledgeable, encouraging and caring.

M.N., McLean, Virginia

I have been to other spas before, but there is none that compare to Golden Door in the US or in Europe. It is a total mind body experience in a beautiful setting. First rate exercise, organic, delicious food, and dedicated, caring and enthusiastic staff. It’s wonderful!

Bim Kendall, Greenbrier, CT

It pleases me when I realize that the kale I am looking at on this warm summer morning is going to be on my plate tonight.

Carolyn Chandler, San Francisco, California

I learned so many things in addition to my physical fitness training. I also learned so many new American words…like ‘buttocks!” –names for parts of the body I never learned in school in Japan.

Hisako Chako Hatakeyama, Tokyo, Japan

I love Golden Door. It is my third stay and each time I feel like I am coming home. Everything is special here. The Tai Chi, meditation and labyrinth walks have changed my life by giving me an inner peace I never imagined. It is a truly special place.

Janet Hilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Golden Door reminds us all that we are worthy, that we all experience love, laughter, pain, and that we are all connected. I am so deeply, profoundly grateful for its existence.

Marta Kauffman, Los Angeles, California

I had an exceptional time. Not only am I pain-free from a long-term injury, I now have the knowledge and skills to better myself in a more efficient manner. No matter your level of fitness, you will learn and improve beyond expectations at Golden Door.

JS, Tokyo, Japan

Having the closeness of female companionship reminded me how important it is for women to connect with other women. Golden Door reminded me that I am more than a mom, a wife, or an employee and I feel empowered to hold on to that.

Tiffany Alexander, Lake Forest, Illinois

I come here to remember and take pause. The air changes when you walk through the Golden Door. You exhale and then breathe in all the peace, beauty, and spirit nurturing air. The wise women teach me things I did not know and remind me of things I have forgotten. My spirit is lifted and my mind is centered. It is the most wonderful gift for the soul.

S.P, Charlotte, NC

I came here physically and mentally exhausted and I’m leaving nourished, loved, grounded and well. Thank you for seven transformative days. I’ll be back!

Monica Babich, Santa Barbara, CA

The myriad experiences offered allowed me to see how bored I was with my own chatter. I felt a quietness and groundedness that was startling. Golden Door broke through my shell so delicately.

Victor Syrmis, New York, NY

This was my second trip and just as perfect as I remembered the first time. I cannot compare this to any place on earth in fact. And, if it appears expensive – it isn’t, not if you compare with a fine hotel, then include all meals, dozens of classes, massage everyday, facials, manicures, pedicures, and so much personal care. I have not met a staff person who wasn’t eager to make this wonderful refuge a delight.

Beth Ferester, The Warmlands, Texas

Golden Door is a must for those seeking refuge from daily madness. You are taken care of by some of the best trainers, massage therapists and staff the world has to offer. Let your spirit glide!

Mari Winsor, Slimming Pilates, Los Angeles

Thank you so much for being here!!! I loved every minute of my experience. It, once again, was exactly what I needed- caring staff and guests- lots of energy, tender moments talking with my sweet daughter. The pampering was lovely- classes, inspirational food- just what my body needs!

Anne Payne, Las Vegas, NV

It’s been an amazing experience. The combination or fitness, pampering and inner focus make this a very special treat to yourself. I loved it!

Elisabetta Ricci, London, UK

A wonderful, enriching and rejuvenating experience. I will definitely return.

Monique Gallego, New York, NY

The Golden Door has brought clarity within myself to help foster an equilibrium in my life. It has taught me that the first priority in life is to take care of one’s own mental, physical and spiritual needs first, and that all else follows. The Golden Door experience does not end when you leave its timeless property, you will strive to bring the experience along with you for the rest of your life.

David Bledsoe, San Diego, CA

Life saving and transformative- Allowing the noise in our heads to quiet and hear what is important.

William Cole, New York, NY

Golden Door is an amazing experience for the body and mind. I will go home with new healthy practices and friendships.

Eric Babcock, Vista, CA

Coming to the Golden Door was receiving your wish from Aladdin and the golden lamp. Whatever you wanted, whatever you desired was immediately there. Every wish presented with a smile and kindness, nothing was too much. I truly felt like a QUEEN.

Harriet Shapiro, Miami, FL

This is a place to address and nurture the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. After a difficult year of medical and family issues, this place was a wonderful pause in life to turn around and remember who I am and where I want to go. Whether you want to be more active or seek inner stillness, I highly recommend the Golden Door.

Marty Traver, Powell, OH

This experience was a perfect communion with my granddaughters, 15 & 17. A new world was opened for them. It offered the three of us to relate to one another in a special, intimate way.

Merle Mullin, Los Angeles, CA

The Golden Door has been truly transformative. It nourished my body, mind and spirit at an important inflection point in my life. The team was exceptional and the service was on point. Thank you and gratitude.

Steve Kukucha, Vancouver, B.C.


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