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Relax your muscles and rest your mind as our certified therapist's skilled touch releases tension and soothes body aches. Your 7-day program includes a combination of six 45-minute Deep-Tissue, Swedish, or Thai massages. Your 4-day program includes a combination of three massages. Additional services are listed below. Talk to your concierge if you want to extend your massage when your schedule permits.
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Focusing on specific areas in the deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow strokes and deep, direct pressure release chronic patterns of tension, reducing pain and tightness.


A precise pattern of heated stones is placed on and under the body to balance energies while your therapist uses grounding aroma of Hinoki oil and the deep penetrating heat of smooth stones to massage away stress and tension. Cool marble stones may be used therapeutically for chronic or acute problem areas.


A transformation in how you feel can be realized by working on feet and scalp. The deeply grounding and muscle-soothing blend of Hinoki, Cypress and Cedar helps restore inner balance and clear the mind. We begin by taking you to a deep level of relaxation with our dreamy signature scalp massage; then we move to your feet to balance the flow of energy throughout the body.


This ancient, sacred healing massage handed down through Hawaiian families for generations is performed in a rhythmic motion using rich sea-sourced oils. Long, flowing forearm strokes weaving from left to right—resembling the ebb and flow of ocean waves—restore harmony and balance to both body and mind.


A precise technique of gentle, slow, rhythmic movements is designed to stimulate the immune system, aid in the transport of fluid and toxins, regenerate tissues and balance the body’s chemistry. This treatment may not be suitable for those with existing medical conditions.


Deep relaxation and pain relief are achieved through the ancient art of cupping therapy. Cupping increases circulation to muscle tissue causing toxins to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. In tune with your individual needs, moxibustion (an herbal warming modality) will be used in combination with the cupping for overall balance and well-being. This detoxifying, full-body treatment concludes with a Kanse Wand foot massage. This circulation-enhancing treatment may not be suitable for guests with pre-existing medical conditions.


This ancient Eastern technique stimulates specific energy points on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to organs and structures of the body, allowing energy to flow freely and creating a sense of renewed balance.


A traditional full-body massage using long, soothing strokes promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and relieves muscle tension.


Performed fully clothed on a Thai floor mat, deep stretches, rhythmic compression and gentle rocking movements allow energy to flow freely and tension to be released. You will be both relaxed and energized.


In this therapeutic massage, focused work on specific areas of the body effects release in painful trigger points. Chronic tension and stiffness are eased and normal muscle function is restored. Arnica Salve then soothes pain and inflammation.


The buoyancy, warmth and resistance of water allow the body to seek its own balance in a nurturing, deeply relaxing experience not possible on land. You are gently stretched and swirled in dance-like movements, each flowing smoothly into the next, helping to relieve pain while increasing mobility and range of motion.



Let Guest Services (4157) know if you prefer a longer daytime in-room massage when your schedule permits.


Relax, loosen, and ease muscle soreness on your back, with deep penetrating heat of smooth stones.


The warmed bamboo sticks help to relax the muscles, and provide a deep penetrating massage, paired with magnesium mist this leg treatment will help loosen and ease sore muscles.

Ayurvedic Massage
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This traditional Ayurvedic treatment is designed to deeply soothe the nervous system, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate the body. The word Shiro meaning head and dhara meaning flow, involves a steady stream of warm oil continually poured over the forehead and scalp. This subtle yet deeply calming treatment begins with warm herbal oil massage and finishes with the Shirodhara create a profound state of peace in body and mind.

SARASWATI SOUND HEALING (Recommended for all doshas)

At the quantum level, the body is composed of vibrating energies. If the quantum energies become discordant, sickness and disease ensue. Sound healing uses vibration to harmonize the body’s quantum field and promote radiant health.Sound Healing treatment combines the vibrational therapy of sound with the energy cleansing of marma stimulation and the physical relaxation of a warm oil massage. The result is a multi-layered healing modality that revitalizes body, mind, and soul.

ISHVARI CLEARING (Recommended for Kapha dosha or imbalances)

There is a saying in Ayurveda that, “If you work the head and the feet you have worked the whole body.” This treatment concentrates on the head and feet, with the intention of bringing a benefit to the entire body. Once on the table, neck and shoulder work with hot towels release deeply held tension from the upper body. The treatment concludes with a foot massage which stimulates energy points that positively impact the entire body.

LAKSHMI MARMA (Recommended for all doshas)

Marma point therapy is the original point healing system of the human body, one that deeply influenced the emergence of later point healing systems such as Chinese acupuncture. Using finger pressure, it is an extremely powerful system of healing that uses the subtle energies which flow into specific points on the body to direct the flow of prana. This treatment massages the body with plenty of warm oil intermingled with stimulating marma points. By balancing the pranic flow through marma points one may evoke health and wellbeing.

PARVATI PINNACLE (Recommended for all doshas)

This treatment is the pinnacle of self-care. It begins with a detoxifying full body dry rubbing which removes impurities and stimulates the lymphatic system. It is then customized with the following traditional Ayurvedic modalities to meet your body’s unique needs: Abhyangha: is the most popular massage in India. It uses warm oil and brisk strokes to vitalize the body, increase circulation, promote detoxification, and strengthen the pranic field. Deep Tissue Release: The body’s tissues often contain knots of energy that have coalesced into muscular adhesions. Precise and penetrating tissue work breaks up physical tension and clears the energy which created the tension. Marma Therapy: is the energy healing of Ayurvedic work. Stimulating specific marma points balances the energy field and clears negative energy forces.

Skin Care
Your 7-day program includes a progressive series of four treatments, each building upon the previous treatment for complete detoxification and restoration. Your 4-Day program includes three treatments in this series. DAY ONE: A relaxing facial followed by a thorough skin analysis helps us select the right products for your skin type. DAY TWO: A detoxifying cleanse and gentle extractions draw out environmental pollutants and residue. DAY THREE: A refreshing peel or a gentle exfoliation, depending on your skin type, takes your skin back to its cleanest, freshest state. DAY FOUR: A deeply hydrating and nourishing facial adds the finishing touch of a truly natural, healthy glow. Additional services are listed below:
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The Five Phase Firming Facial is a true alternative to surgical rejuvenation. Exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients provides advanced skin repair to invigorate, lift, firm and reverse the effects of age, time, sun and stress.


This is an FDA cleared device that visibly helps tone and firm the body, while helping to smooth away the look of dimpled skin. The gentle vibrations of this device are great for improving circulation, and aids in lymphatic drainage.


This facial is a synergy of advanced technologies, carefully curated skincare products, and expert techniques. This cutting-edge technology combines the gentle exfoliating action of serums and a specialized silicone and diamond tipped wand. This will eliminate impurities, unclog pores, and removes dead skin cells, revealing a fresh luminous complexion beneath. Following the Hydroderm is the Oxygen infusion which will infuse your skin with a gentle mist of highly concentrated, oxygen infused with a potent blend of nourishing serums into your skin. This dynamic duo works harmoniously to penetrate deeply into your skin promoting cellular rejuvenation, stimulating collagen production, and accelerating the healing process, and revealing a brighter and more even skin tone.


In this customized facial, our expert estheticians will skillfully combine the best suited modalities of our advanced machine. This personalized approach allows us to tailor this facial precisely to you. The Golden Radiance facial offers a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, each meticulously designed to target specific skin concerns. This remarkable treatment hydrates, calms, tightens and brightness unveiling a complexion that exudes a captivating golden radiance.


The spectacular results of the Lift C.V.S. treatment is achieved with the unique Biologique Recherche protocol of manual lifting, mechanical exfoliation, and serum infusion. Thanks to unique vibrational movements and a gentle pinching technique performed around connective tissue, this manual Biologique Recherche facelift provides a mind-blowing reshaping of the facial structure. Highly concentrated active ingredients purify and restore volume, even color tone, and create a firm, flawless surface.
$175 upgrade charge.


Includes a potent Vitamin A infusion, a powerhouse ingredient renowned for its ability to promote cell turnover, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture and tone. Your esthetician will harness the advanced technology of the Osmosis Revita Pen to penetrate the Vitamin A-infused product deep into the layers of your skin, maximizing its efficacy and ensuring optimal absorption. Feel the gentle yet effective vibrations of the Revita Pen as it delicately delivers a nourishing treatment, rejuvenating your skin from within.
$200 upgrade charge.


This standalone service revitalizes your skin and see instant results with a specially tailored re-sculpting facial treatment combining three lifting techniques to redefine facial contours. We begin with a special sculpting & lifting facial massage using the exclusive Biologique Recherche Manual-Lift Boosters along with a special cocktail of volume plumping serums. The finishing touch is microcurrent technology to lift, tone and sculpt the face. A newfound glow and firm lift of not only skin, but muscle tone as well, takes years off your face.
80 minutes / —–

Body Care
Escape from your fast-paced lifestyle and retreat to tradition in our bathhouse. Let the scents of aromatic oils and natural herbs transport you while our advanced treatments transform your skin. Your 7-day program includes one of our delicious body treatments: Choose from one of our signature scrubs Hinoki Contemplation Scrub, or our Yuzu Uplifting Scrub. Additional services are listed below.
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Replenish magnesium—vital to your skin and muscle health. Low magnesium levels can cause muscle cramping, chronic pain, and low energy. To flush toxins, restore energy and enhance muscle function, we begin with magnesium gel wrap, scented with organic grapefruit, juniper, rosemary, and thyme. This is followed with a releasing, detoxifying head, neck, and shoulder Olive Cleansing Massage.


This treatment combines the best of desert and ocean. After a dry brushing to open pores and clear dry skin, you are covered with a Desert Sea Clay rich in algae, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients from an ancient inland sea. As you relax in the steam room, the clay works to draw out toxins and provide natural minerals to your system. After a rinse, we finish with a full-body rehydration massage using a rich lotion of algal extracts to help skin retain moisture along with organic grapefruit, juniper and thyme essential oils to tone and detoxify.


As you Immerse yourself in this warm bath you will feel the delicate petals of the cherry blossoms floating around you. This treatment is used for its high antioxidants and skin smoothing benefits, as well as relaxing your mind and body.


Take a cold mood boosting plunge soak with Epsom salts to benefit faster muscle recovery, sleep, and enhance your immune system. You will leave this plunge feeling invigorated and refreshed.


An intensive treatment with mineral rich thermal waters of Montalcino in Tuscany, with age detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential oils encourages a profound purification of the tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote lipolytic action.
60 minutes / $200 • 90 minutes / $295


A smoothing, renewing and regenerating treatment for restored tone, elasticity and profound hydration for a soft, silky and compact skin. An ideal treatment for the change of seasons, especially the Spring and the Fall and whenever the body needs a sense of restoration.
60 minutes / $200 • 90 minutes / $295


A relaxing full- body treatment that promotes overall wellness and peak physiological function. It helps to accelerate recovery, relieves pain, increases blood circulation, helps energize and restore balance for optimal skin function, as well as anti-aging benefits.


An innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways for profound relaxation, favoring sleep and helping to recover jetlag side effects. The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquility Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay techniques, combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieving a quiet and peaceful state of mind and body.
60 minutes / $200 • 90 minutes / $295

Salon Services
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Shampoo Only
Short to Medium
Long & Thick
Very Long / Extensions


Flat Iron or Curling Iron

HAIRCUT & FINISH (cut & blow-dry)

Fringe Trim
Very Long / Thick
Wet Cut


Blow Dry or Up-Do Lesson


Base Color: Regrowth
Base Color: Refresh


Short to Medium
Medium to Long

*Note: All rates are base prices. The final fee for services will be discussed during your hair consultation with our stylist

Healthy Hair
During a week of fitness and skincare, hair care lies half-way between necessity and indulgence. Whether you need a deep conditioning or just a shampoo and a blow-out, our spa staff is ready to get your hair looking like you haven't lifted a finger. Included in your 7-day program is a Hair Consultation and a choice of a deep-conditioning, shampoo and blow-dry, or a scalp treatment.
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Bring back your hair’s youthful shine and bounce beginning with the cool, tingling sensation of pure, crisp peppermint oil and 16 botanical extracts in a delightful shampoo that adds lift and cleans away oils and product residue. A combination of conditioning essential oils follow to instantly plump the hair shaft from the inside out, restoring strength and elasticity. To finish, an intensive oil-free mask leaves your hair feeling bouncy and silky-soft.


Begin with a super-hydrating shampoo containing a restorative blend of pure botanicals including Italian white truffle oil, thyme, lavender, and burdock to smooth, strengthen and seal split ends. Then, enjoy a deep-conditioning treatment that fights humidity and makes curls silky. Finish with a super-charged conditioner that uses an intense dose of botanicals, including lavender and chamomile to fortify porous, brittle strands while vitamins E, B5 and a potent amino-acid complex restore elasticity and strength.


A weightless, clear-gel hair mask sinks in to smooth unruly strands and add shine and silkiness, taking manageable to a whole new level. Mega-bounce and shine last for days following a moisturizing botanical, time-release conditioner made with natural safflower. Your hair is strengthened from the inside out to give uplifting fullness and body.

Waxing and More
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Make your eyes pop by tinting your brows and/or lashes. We have a wide selection of beautiful shades that can be blended to match any hair color. We will also do a bit of brow clean-up with gentle tweezing and finish with an eye-opening NuFace lift.
Lashes & Brows


This will keep your nails looking fresh and polished for up to 14 days! No need to worry about harmful UV rays, we use LED light to set polish. This upgrade is done during your inclusive manicure or pedicure time. (You may elect to replace your inclusive manicure or pedicure).

Half Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax

Half Leg & Bikini Wax

Full Leg & Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax



Back (partial)

Back (full)


Brazilian Bikini Wax

Half Arm Wax

Full Arm Wax

Brow Shape Wax

Underarm Wax