Rooms & Courtyard

privacy, serenity, light

All rooms are single occupancy only with a private bath and, true to its inspirational heritage, a sliding door to the outdoors, for both views of, and access to, the surrounding Japanese gardens and the vast sky beyond. Less is more, and these accommodations focus on elegant simplicity.


tending to every detail

You needn’t pack much for your time with us.  We provide warm-ups, t-shirts and terry robes, all laundered daily, plus a yukata, a casual cotton kimono, and sandals. You will also receive Golden Door skincare products, a reusable water bottle, journal, tote and yoga mat.

Personalized Service

luxuriously traditional

We maintain a staff to guest ratio of 4:1 to meet your every need without interruption or delay. Maid service is provided twice daily. Staff is available for any personalized needs your stay with us may require, and we focus on every individual element down to your diet requests and personal goals for your stay.

Planning Your Stay

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