Treat your skin for what it is: the largest organ in your body and your most heroic line of defense against the elements. Keep hard-working muscles supple and relaxed after a day of exercise. For every challenge, a reward. Here, the body is brought into balance, and prepared for another day.

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Massage, Skin Care, Aromatherapy, Body Care, Hair Care & Hands & Feet.


Relax your muscles and rest your mind as our certified therapist's skilled touch releases tension and soothes body aches. Your 7-day program includes a combination of six 45-minute Deep-Tissue, Swedish, or Thai massages. Your 4-day program includes a combination of three massages. Your 3-day program includes two. Additional services are listed below. Talk to your concierge if you want to extend your massage when your schedule permits.
Creating a unique aromatherapy blend your massage can be intriguing, surprising fun. Let your therapist guide you through the simple steps of selecting aromas that appeal, heal, and even reveal. You may begin your personal blend with a favorite aroma, let your birthdate suggest a signature combination, or choose scents to effect positive mind/body outcomes.
This form of bodywork uses therapeutic light touch to manipulate the skull, face, spine and pelvis in order to regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The treatment relieves symptoms of stress, tension and enables deep relaxation. The therapy is beneficial in reducing chronic pain including low back pain, TMJ and migraines, and helps ease depression, neck and shoulder tension, and insomnia. R PM
Focusing on specific areas in the deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow strokes and deep, direct pressure release chronic patterns of tension, reducing pain and tightness.
Known for its long flowing strokes along the entire length of the body, the famous Esalen Massage was developed in northern California in the 60s. With its nurturing contact, integrating strokes, and slow, deep muscle work, this timeless massage releases stress, stills your mind and leaves you feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed with a natural sense of well-being.
This luxurious twist on Swedish massage uses our Yuzu oil to charm your senses and uplift your spirits. Like being showered with petals, pure mists of neroli (orange oil) and rose fall on your skin like a fragrant whisper. As they blend with the massage oil, they create a natural lotion that hydrates and repairs. Finally, a delicate face massage with Neroli Facial Serum leaves you feeling pampered, soft and radiantly beautiful.
Deeply relaxing massage techniques combine with the profoundly hypnotic aroma of LUMINOUS Vibrational Oil to make this blissful shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage a regenerative experience like no other.
A precise pattern of heated stones is placed on and under the body to balance energies while your therapist uses grounding aroma of Hinoki oil and the deep penetrating heat of smooth stones to massage away stress and tension. Cool marble stones may be used therapeutically for chronic or acute problem areas.
This ancient, sacred healing massage handed down through Hawaiian families for generations is performed in a rhythmic motion using rich sea-sourced oils. Long, flowing forearm strokes weaving from left to right—resembling the ebb and flow of ocean waves—restore harmony and balance to both body and mind.
A precise technique of gentle, slow, rhythmic movements is designed to stimulate the immune system, aid in the transport of fluid and toxins, regenerate tissues and balance the body's chemistry. This detoxifying treatment may not be suitable for those guests with existing medical conditions.
Deep relaxation and pain relief are achieved through the ancient art of cupping therapy. Cupping increases circulation to muscle tissue causing toxins to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. In tune with your individual needs, moxibustion (an herbal warming modality) will be used in combination with the cupping for overall balance and well-being. This detoxifying, full-body treatment concludes with a Kanse Wand foot massage. This circulation-enhancing treatment may not be suitable for guests with pre-existing medical conditions.
This ancient Eastern technique stimulates specific energy points on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to organs and structures of the body, allowing energy to flow freely and creating a sense of renewed balance.
This method of energy healing is performed by placing the hands on or just above the body to balance energy centers and bring a sense of peace and well-being.
A traditional full-body massage using long, soothing strokes promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and relieves muscle tension.
Performed fully clothed on a Thai floor mat, deep stretches, rhythmic compression and gentle rocking movements allow energy to flow freely and tension to be released. You will be both relaxed and energized.
In this therapeutic massage, focused work on specific areas of the upper body effects release in painful trigger points. Chronic tension and stiffness are eased and normal muscle function is restored. Arnica Salve then soothes pain and inflammation.
The warmed bamboo sticks help to relax the muscles, and provide a deep penetrating massage, paired with magnesium mist this leg treatment will help loosen and ease sore muscles. Upgrade an inclusive massage.
The buoyancy, warmth and resistance of water allow the body to seek its own balance in a nurturing, deeply relaxing experience not possible on land. You are gently stretched and swirled in dance-like movements, each flowing smoothly into the next, helping to relieve pain while increasing mobility and range of motion.
Add yet another sensory delight to your massage by choosing one of our organic essential oil blends - Deep Peace (for relaxation), Body Rescue (for relief of physical tension)or Mood Melt (for emotional nourishment) - to deepen the work of massage or provide a truly effective aromatherapy inhalation treatment.
Full body massage with warm oils. A crystal bowl will be played at different times during your treatment along with sound healing music. The vibrations of the crystal clean your energetic body. Most people feel the vibrations throughout the physical body as well. Crystals can be huge amplifiers so be sure to come with an intention and allow the crystal vibrations to amplify it. It finishes with Marma points and chakra balancing.

Let this massage take you on an inward journey with three massages in one. It starts with garshan a dry rub of the body, an oiling head to toe and friction stokes of abhyanga. It is then followed by the deeper strokes of vishesh to get toxins at a deeper level. And lastly, finish by balancing the body energetically with key Marma points and chakra balancing.

The focus here is on the head. The head neck and shoulder are worked from a seated position. A head steam with eucalyptus to open the nasal passages. Then on the table for a full body oiling, hot towels to the back and head. Nasya oil is applied to nasal passage ways. Great for balancing the Kapha part of us and people who have constant congestion that is not due to illness.

This is a traditional ayurvedic massage, applied with plenty of warm oil, which focuses on opening all the body channels. It helps with moving the lymphatic system.

This full body massage is customized either with abyhanga / friction strokes or the deeper strokes of vishesh. Energetic marma point application on the front and back, will deliver energy where it is needed, taking you deep within to relax you. I finish with some chakra balancing. This is great for all three doshas.

Skin Care

Your 7-day program includes a progressive series of four treatments, each building upon the previous treatment for complete detoxification and restoration. Your 4-Day program includes three treatments in this series. Your 3-Day program includes two. DAY ONE: A relaxing facial followed by a thorough skin analysis helps us select the right products for your skin type. DAY TWO: A detoxifying cleanse and gentle extractions draw out environmental pollutants and residue. DAY THREE: A refreshing peel or a gentle exfoliation, depending on your skin type, takes your skin back to its cleanest, freshest state. DAY FOUR: A deeply hydrating and nourishing facial adds the finishing touch of a truly natural, healthy glow. Additional services are listed below:
Known as Pilates for the face, NuFACE microcurrent technology tones, tightens and lifts. Microcurrent gently stimulates the skin, improving circulation, collagen production and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. This is the perfect facial for those looking for an instant rejuvenation.
This garden-inspired treatment begins with a Clarisonic cleanse. Then a Jamaican naseberry exfoliant is applied around the eye area to deal with crow's feet and fine lines. This is followed by a deeply hydrating Raspberry Eye Masque. A gentle massage with chilled rose stones precedes a cucumber eye gel to reduce puffiness and a NuFace Eye Lift. For the finishing touches, Wild Plum Eye Creme banishes dark circles and an Opal Eye Treatment aids absorption.
Highly concentrated and specially formulated seaweed serum, cream and mineral masks re-mineralize, rebalance, and tone with visible results. Layer 1: A C-Serum Seaweed filtrate concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed softens lines, adds moisture and helps rebalance and tone.
Layer 2: A facial massage with a rich, hydrating seaweed cream improves circulation and elasticity.
Layer 3: A cooling, soothing fresh seaweed mask hydrates while improving tone and clarity.
Layer 4: A mineral mask creates gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask.
A breakthrough in aesthetic technology providing non-laser, non-invasive facial skin resurfacing. The HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. This high-tech - not high-touch - facial provides impressive results for all skin types with no discomfort or downtime.
Technology meets luxury in a transformative HydraFacial treatment for the face, neck and décolletage that includes Lympathic Drainage. The visible results of the Hydrafacial become even more dramatic when accompanied by LED light and DermaBuilder. LED light therapy stimulates collagen production and DermaBuilder plumps skin. This uniquely formulated combination of peptides remarkably smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances skin elasticity, and evens skin tone. A relaxing scalp massage completes the treatment, leaving you feeling restored and your skin renewed.
Our most popular face and neck treatment takes results to the next level with the addition of lymphatic drainage, a soothing mask, and scalp massage. Lymphatic drainage promotes relaxation and stress reduction, flushes out toxins, strengthens the immune system, helps remove impurities and brings clarity to the mind. 50 minutes $220
Make your eyes pop by tinting your brows and/or lashes. We have a wide selection of beautiful shades that can be blended to match any hair color.Lashes $75 / Brows $75 / Lashes & Brows $90
A light body brushing aids detoxification and prepares the skin for a nourishing application of bring, uplifting Sweet Orange and Calendula Shea Body Butter with the added benefits of relaxing Lavender, healing Aloe, and antioxidant Myrtle. While this luscious cream smooths and softens, all tension is released with a hot stone massage for neck and shoulders.
Whether in a backless gown or bathing suit, the skin of your back should be flawless. Wild Jasmine and Corn Silk polish your back while stimulating Lime and Eucalyptus deeply cleanse. A warm clay masque draws out impurities while your arms are massaged and your hands are cocooned in warm mitts. The clay is rinsed away and your back treatment concludes with a mist of pure rose to freshen and hydrate.
Quick Lift ® gives an immediate improvement that lasts up to two days. It's perfect for weddings, special occasions, in between appointments or when you simply need a quick pick-me-up. (Must come with cleansed face.) 30 minutes $99 ($80 when combined with any HydraFacial)
Highly concentrated and specially formulated seaweed serum, cream and mineral masks re-mineralize, rebalance, and tone with visible results. Layer 1: A C-Serum Seaweed filtrate concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed softens lines, adds moisture and helps rebalance and tone.
Layer 2: A facial massage with a rich, hydrating seaweed cream improves circulation and elasticity.
Layer 3: A cooling, soothing fresh seaweed mask hydrates while improving tone and clarity.
Layer 4: A mineral mask creates gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask.
50 minutes $220
The Five Phase Firming Facial is a true alternative to surgical rejuvenation. Exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients provides advanced skin repair to invigorate, lift, and firm and reverse the effects of age, time, sun and stress.
50 minutes / $220
A gentle dry brushing exfoliates, opens pores, increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to clear toxins from the body - improving tone and smoothing uneven skin surfaces. It also prepares your skin for an application of a purifying oil containing essence of Rosemary, Cypress and Lemon to tone and strengthen vascular tissue, support adrenal function and aid lymphatic drainage.
Our all-natural tanning spray gives you instant color lasting up to 10 days without the risk of UVA and UVB rays. Made with purified water and natural Mineral Salt Bronzers, this full-body tan darkens only to your own natural tanning shade. A thorough exfoliation, earlier in the week or right before your spray, prepares your skin for an even, flattering tan. Make your appointment at the beginning of your week for this end-of-the-week treat. $90/ with exfoliation $190
Relax with instant results. This treatment, with its focus on the eye and lip areas, combines advanced anti-aging technology to produce immediate results without the downtime. Microcurrent technology lifts, firms and contours your jawline, cheeks and eye areas. The treatment includes red-light therapy to soften and plump the skin, so you can look fresh, bright and well-rested. 80 minutes $350 ($300 when combined with any HydraFacial)
Enjoy a smooth gleaming finish with facial, full-leg, underarm and bikini-line waxing, performed by your skin care therapist. Please consult your Skin Care Therapist for pricing.
Soft wave microcurrent technology combines with the beauty of eyebrow artistry to give you a brow that wows! After waxing and shaping, brows are lifted with microcurrent technology, opening eyes and giving you a wide-eyed, youthful look. Results are instant and uplifting. 50 minutes $220 ($200 when combined with any Hydrafacial)


Creating a unique aromatherapy blend can be intriguing, surprising fun. Using our unique software, let your therapist guide you through the simple steps of selecting aromas that appeal, heal, and even reveal. You may begin your personal blend with a favorite aroma, let your birthdate suggest a signature combination, or choose scents to effect positive mind/body outcomes. Your choice can be blended as crystal infusion roll-on or a Shea Butter lotion or scrub.
This traditional Ayurvedic treatment is designed to deeply soothe the nervous system, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate the body. The word shiro meaning head and dhara meaning flow, involves a steady stream of warm oil continually poured over the forehead and scalp. This subtle yet deeply calming treatment begins with warm herbal oil massage and finishes with the shirodhara to create a profound state of peace in body and mind.
Enjoy creating your own unique aromatherapy product with our Body Bliss Aroma design bar and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Choose a luxurious shea butter lotion or a crystal-infused perfume roll on and one travel-size product to blend with your chosen essential oils. Your spa aromatherapy assistant will help educate and inspire you on the benefits of essential oils and help you to create your products. Using the Intentional Aromatherapy Body Bliss app, hundreds of recipes are at your fingertips to customize blends that are delightful for personal use and gifts.

Body Care

Escape from your fast-paced lifestyle and retreat to tradition in our bathhouse. Let the scents of aromatic oils and natural herbs transport you while our advanced treatments transform your skin. Your 7-day program includes one of our delicious body treatments: Bamboo Pearl Body Polish, Chai Spice Body Polish, Hinoki Contemplation Scrub, or Yuzu Uplifting Scrub. Additional services are listed below.
Replenish magnesium—vital to your skin and muscle health. Low magnesium levels can cause muscle cramping, chronic pain and low energy. To flush toxins, restore energy and enhance muscle function, we begin with magnesium gel, scented with organic grapefruit, juniper, rosemary and thyme. This is followed with a releasing, detoxifying Olive Cleansing Massage for complete body renewal.
Detoxifying and rejuvenating, this treatment combines the best of desert and ocean. After a dry brushing to open pores and clear dry skin, you are covered with a Desert Sea Clay rich in algae, minerals, and anti-oxidant nutrients from an ancient inland sea. As you relax in the steam room, the clay works to draw out toxins and provide natural minerals to your system. After a rinse, we finish with a full-body rehydration massage using a rich lotion of algal extracts to help skin retain moisture along with organic grapefruit, juniper and thyme essential oils to tone and detoxify.
Delicately cleansing and softening, this treatment uses the subtle power of citrus and floral aromatics. Your skin is prepared with a gentle yet thorough exfoliation using our signature Yuzu Sugar Scrub. Next, fresh flower petals are blended into Yuzu Shea Butter Cream and smoothed onto your skin in a nurturing, medium pressure massage before you are cocooned in hot moist towels scattered with skin-healing calendula petals. As you relax in the fragrant warmth, you receive a Japanese face massage and a Kukui Nut hair oil scalp massage with a warm towel head wrap for strong and shining hair.

Hair Care

During a week of fitness and skincare, hair care lies half-way between necessity and indulgence. Whether you need a deep conditioning or just a shampoo and a blow-out, our spa staff is ready to get your hair looking like you haven't lifted a finger. Included in your 7-day program is a Hair Consultation and a choice of a deep-conditioning, shampoo and blow-dry, or a scalp treatment.
Begin with a super-hydrating shampoo containing a restorative blend of pure botanicals including Italian white truffle oil, thyme, lavender, and burdock to smooth, strengthen and seal split ends. Then, enjoy a squeaky-clean version of a deep-conditioning treatment with a clear-gel formula that fights humidity and makes curls springy. Finish with a super-charged conditioner that uses an intense dose of botanicals, including lavender and chamomile to fortify porous, brittle strands with Vitamin E, B5 and a potent amino-acid complex restore elasticity and strength.
Let us schedule a 5-minute consultation to analyze your hair's condition. If you choose, we will arrange an appointment with our stylist for a new look that may include a haircut, coloring, deep conditioning or gloss treatment. You may also select a "hair detox" treatment to add protein and moisture. Pricing for these services will be given at the time of your consultation.
Bring back your hair's youthful shine and bounce beginning with the cool, tingling sensation of pure, crisp peppermint oil and 16 botanical extracts in a delightful shampoo that adds lift and cleans away oils and product residue for a super-clean scalp. A combination of conditioning essential oils follow to instantly plump the hair shaft from the inside out, restoring strength and elasticity. To finish, an intensive oil-free, clear-gel mask leaves your hair feeling bounce and silky-soft.
A weightless, clear-gel masque sinks in to smooth unruly strands and add shine and silkiness, taking manageable to a whole new level. Mega-bounce and shine lasts for days following a moisturizing botanical, time-release conditioner made with natural safflower.

Hands & Feet

Pamper and primp your hands and feet with our luxurious manicures and pedicures. Included in your 7-day program is a signature Golden Door manicure and pedicure.
Our pampering hand therapy includes effleurage of the forearm, prickly pear polish and age defense gel wrap for the hands.
Your hands will be treated to a manicure that includes a hydrating scrub. After your hands are massaged with a silken butter, your manicure concludes with an application of polish in your choice of color. Our polish dries in just 5 minutes so you're off to your next class with no-smudge nails.
Your pedicure begins with a relaxing aromatherapy soak, followed by an energizing scrub. Then, a gentle massage with your choice of either the penetrating warmth of Golden Door Foot & Leg Formula with Ginger, Peppermint and Sage or cool and refreshing Inspire Foot Balm with Arnica, Mint and Aloe. Finish with a polish application in your choice of color. Our polish dries in just 5 minutes so you can slip on your shoes or sandals without a smudge.

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